Camped near the Valley of Fire

Thursday March 6, 2014 Near Valley of Fire, Nevada

Post from Overton

Moving camp

This morning after getting it going, I headed out of Quartzsite and North on 95 to Parker where I got gas and did some shopping. I needed a new windshield wiper too as I broke one while cleaning my windshield a ways back.

Naturally, the auto section in Wal-Mart where I stopped was way in the  back which was paining my still sore ankle a bit. Of course when I got the new wiper blade out to my van and tried to install it, it wasn’t one that would fit my ol van, so back in the store, all the way to the back again. Just maybe a  little more exercising than I wanted, but likely did me some good moving around a a bit.

Anyway, that wiper blade fit and I was off, headed up 95 to just below Las Vegas, a place called Henderson, where I turned off 95 and turned onto the Northshore Road which goes around the north side of Lake Mead.

I did get lost in Henderson, but the lady on my gps put me back on track, only because I listened to her. :O) I  have to admit, she is pretty good at that.

Anyway, I stopped here and there for a nap and was cruising up the Northshore Road when I felt like I’d had enough moving camp for one day, so started looking for a dirt/rock side road off this main one. It was a few miles, but eventually a 4×4 road appeared to my left which I turned onto and followed looking for a camp spot for the night. The Road was called Bitter Springs Road.

This is the side road I turned off onto to find a camp spot.camproad


The road went on for a couple miles and sucked me in farther than I was planning to go. I passed a couple camp spots on the way.trail


After a couple miles it went to this rocky wash area, but no good camp spots.wash


I followed the road down some more and it came to a big wash area that looked like it had washed a lot not too long ago? Although there are no clouds in the sky, I decided to avoid this place and keep looking.washvan


It was hard finding a spot off the road and flat and after awhile I wasn’t getting too picky and found a spot for the night.

This is it, pretty close to the road, but I doubt anyone will down it.campview


It wasn’t long before the sun was going down, so I shot another camp view, facing east.camprim


I had been sitting outside in my chair enjoying the evening, until the sun went down behind the hills. Not much of a sunset, but it’ll do.sundown


That’s how I ended up at this camp spot at the end of Bitter Springs Road. I  haven’t seen any springs.

Tomorrow’s plans

I plan to continue north to the Ruby Lake area, a ways above Ely on highway 50 in Nevada. I’ll be cruising though the Valley of Fire State park on the way, but don’t plan to stop. I’ve not decided weather to go though Ely or not? I don’t have to, I think I have enough fuel and stuff to eat, but if I don’t post this blog at Ely, the next place will likely be Elko, Nevada, where I plan to be in a few days from now.

It’s nice and peaceful here tonight, as long as I keep the doors shut to keep the bugs out that want to get to the light.

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