Bulldozer Repairs and Rocks and Logs

Sunday April 12, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Doing projects

I had several things to do up in the hills today. I loaded up a freshly charged battery and some tools and drove on up to the bulldozer to work on the fuel problem.

Installed the battery

First I installed the battery and cleaned up all the battery cable connections.dozer


Checking the fuel lines and filter and pump

Then I worked on the no fuel problem I’ve been working on. I checked the fuel filter and checked the fuel pump to make sure it was working and got diesel as far as the fuel injection pump.

Fuel to the injector pump

So I knew the fuel was getting to the injector pump but it wasn’t getting through the injector pump to the injectors.

I had all the tools out working on it.tools


Electric solenoid

Here’s the injector pump. It has a shutoff electric solenoid on the fuel intake that I suspect is not working.injectorpump



The electric solenoid that I suspect might not be working right is under that dirty old pipe there. I tested it out with my meter and I got some weird readings so I suspect the thing might be bad. I also ran a wire to the battery and tried it. I’m supposed to be able to feel the click of the solenoid but I couldn’t so it might be bad.pump


That’s all for now

I need to take the solenoid apart to see what’s going on. Tom said he’d clean the injector pump up so that needs to be done before I can take things apart some more, so that was all I could do for now.

Collecting rocks

I put my tools away and drove on over to this spot where I loaded some of the big rocks into the Toyota to use elsewhere.pickupr


The crossing

I hauled a load of the rocks to this crossing I’m repairing and dumped them.dumprocks


More rocks

That wasn’t enough so I drove on up to this spot and loaded another load of rocks.rock


My load of rocks.rocks



I dumped them in the crossing and spent some time moving them around to make the crossing smoother.dump


The crossing is pretty good but can use a couple more loads of rock to finish it up.

Getting some logs

I was too beat to get another load of rocks so moved on to the next project which was to get a few small redwood logs.

I cut some up and loaded them up.logs


And moved the logs down to my garden area and dumped them.redwood


Chicken proof

It was a bit of work getting the logs across the garden to this spot where I needed them.. I dug things out a bit and placed the logs to block under the fence as I don’t want the chickens to get out here. That should stop them.logsin


That pretty  much wiped me out for the rest of the day.

Raspberries soon

I was looking at  my raspberry patch growing away nicely.patch


Some buds were forming on the berry plants so it shouldn’t be too long before the berries start. Yummy.buds


That was all I could do today so I did some chair hopping before dark.

Nice messing around in the hills on a nice sunny spring day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You had a good day too yesterday. You worked a whole lot harder than we did though! From one job to the next, you didn’t seem to stop. Berries, yum!

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