Bulldozer Fixed and Tearing the Van’s Heating System Apart

Monday April 20, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Dozer part arrived

I was surprised to find the dozer part I needed when I went to the mailbox this morning.

Looks like the right part.part


If I get a chance I’ll work on getting that part installed later today.

Removing the van’s radiator

But first I wanted to work on my van. I needed to drain the radiator fluid out and take stuff apart to get the radiator out so I can start working on my heating problem upgrade.

I got all the parts out except for the radiator but it’s ready to take out.van



I need to get the parts I need for the upgrade ordered up. I plan to put a high volume water pump in with a high volume thermostat and a new fixed blade fan. And I also plan to move the radiator back towards the engine a few inches which I hope will improve the air flow into the radiator.

Putting the dozer back together

But I wanted to get the dozer solenoid installed and the dozer put back together so I got the tools together for that job and drove on over to where the dozer was parked.

I installed the part and turned the key to prime the injector lines. It took some time but eventually diesel started to come out of the injector lines so I tightened them up, or is it down. I tried the key and the engine started for a short time than stopped.

Forgot the valve

Oh, oh,….. oh, I forgot to turn the valve on under the fuel tank.

Once that was done I decided to try the key as I think these injectors are self priming as they have a fuel return line which  means they should be able to pump the air out without me priming them.

All back together

Sure enough it started right up so I put all the other parts back on that we had to take off to get to things.

Once it was all together I started it up and backed it up a little.dozer


Little guy

When I got off I spotted this little guy. It had been living under the dozer’s blade and was rudely disturbed but seemed ok.sal


I picked it up and put it in a safer place.sal2


I picked up my tools and went on home with intentions of taking the radiator out of the van, but I just never got around to it and did some chair  hopping instead.

And that was my day puttering around and getting some stuff done.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You seem to have a lot of outdoor stuff to keep you busy. Lucky you have the nice days to do it in. We try to do only one thing so we have something for tomorrow! haha

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