Bull Dozing on a Holiday

Monday July 3, 2017 Guerneville CA.

A good day to do some dozer work

Another good day to stay home with the holidays and all. After sitting around in the yard and thinking about it and getting the ol body going I got some diesel ready for the dozer and I got a couple wrenches together to tighten up the loose hydraulic fitting that was leaking oil on the blade last time I used it.

I tied the stuff to the quad runner and was off for a ride up the  hill to the dozer which was parked here.fuel


Fuel for the dozer

I fueled the tractor and tightened up the loose hydraulic fitting. I wasn’t sure the hydraulic fitting was still good, but it tightened on up and no more oil leak for now.

Now that I had it all working I took the dozer down the road to push off some trees that had fallen during a storm last winter.

Lots of water

The route took me by our water tanks which I always check to make sure they are full or almost and they were.tanks


I turned right here and crossed the creek and went back up the hill. Nice day for a joy ride.road


I went through this area and as I was passing I spied some of the flowers my older brother planter there ten years or so. ago.roadred


Brother’s daisies

They were daisies and blooming nicely.daiseys


Not far past the flowers I ran into this big tree across the road.treedown


The dozer makes this part easy

I attacked the pile and made short work of it, or at least the bull dozer did.treepush


I figured I had about enough time before it got dark to go over one more road, so I headed for the back forty by the park.roadup


On the way over I ran into another big tree across the road.trees


Push and smash

I attacked and smashed and ripped up the big tree and pushed it off the road.doser


Here I’m going around the back forty around the park’s corner. Most of the road was in good shape except for the occasional tree down across the road.roadwood


It was getting to be late evening so I hurried along to get back to where the quad runner was parked.ferms


I parked the dozer and drove the quad runner on home where I took it easy for the rest of the day, chair hopping.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Another productive day! You are a busy guy with all your toys! Nice job. I chair hopped yesterday too.

    Bob – first time I tried to post this I got this message: you wanted to know.

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