Bulkhead Project All Cleaned Up and Peas and Carrots

Friday November 1, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Hauled in some wood

After feeding and checking the chickens water I hauled the last load of wood from the bulkhead project and stacked it here.wood


That finished up the bulkhead project so it’s finally all cleaned up.

More yard wood

I found a pile of wood in the yard I missed picking up the other day so I loaded it up.pile


And put it in the wood pile. I think I have it all now for this year.woodpile


Growing weeds

I put the sprinkler on to water the weeds to get them to grow for the chickens to graze.water


When I shut the sprinkler off they moved right into the area as they like to dig in freshly watered stuff.chickens


Planting onions

My bother had some onions that are growing out so I got some and planted them in the garden. Here I’m just getting ready to put them in the ground.onions


Peas in the ground too

I also got some old peas to plant that my brother had. They were pretty old so I don’t know whether they will grow or not.

I planted the peas here in this pen.peas


Weird carrots

I had some carrots growing in the garden so I thought I’d dig some up to see how they were doing.carrots


Weird carrots but they tasted good.carrot


Hopping in the evening

Towards evening I did a lot of chair hopping.

Here’s one of my spots were I sat for a spell and enjoyed the evening.chairhop


As the day cooled I got the wood stove fired up and that pretty  much was my day.

Nice day.

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