Building a Fridge Box and Repairing the Power Washer and the Roof

Wednesday March 9, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Started out on the box, but

It was raining lightly as I got it going today which was good as I planned to stay home and work on building a wooden box to hold my new van fridge I just purchased.

The power washer job shows up

I got all my tools together and was just getting a good start on cutting out some of the box boards when I heard something and looked up to see my brother working on his pressure washer. It had a problem of not getting up to pressure when the trigger was pulled.washerjob


And now it won’t start either

Apparently, now it wouldn’t start either, so I set my tools down to have a look. I noticed there was gas around the carb which meant it was likely flooded, so I pulled the spark plug to have a look. It was all wet, so I blow it off with air and put it back in the engine. A couple cranks and it started, but was cutting out some.

We thought  maybe the gas was bad, so  tried draining the tank, but the gas line seemed to be plugged so we unplugged that and tried it, but no go, it still was missing badly. I noticed some water droplets in the bottom of the tank so we took it off the motor. I put some diesel in it to absorb the water and dumped it out and we put it back on and put some gas in it.

It started up and only missed a couple more times, likely getting the final drops of water out of the system.

Now we could see if the pressure would come up to pressure when the handle trigger was pulled, but it would not. So I had watched a UTube video of how to fix it the other day. We took off the un-loader valve and took it apart and greased it up.

But it still would not work and it looked like the wand might be plugged up now. So we took the spray nozzle off and found it all plugged up so we cleaned that up and tried it again.

Tom just pulled the trigger and it finally worked as it should.spray


He tested it out on the now fixed golf cart and it worked fine.test


The roof repair

Now he says can you take a look at my roof and see what we can do to fix the leak up there so we went over to the house and had a look.

Tom’s doing some roof repairs and I’m down on the ground supervising just the way I like it.roof



We got that job done, so I needed some pay, so I asked if he had some fresh asparagus as I saw him and Dominique picking some the other day. Dominique got me a hand full of asparagus out of his walk-in box.



A hand full of fresh asparagus.asper


Back to work on my box

Ok, now I could get back to my box, but the day was almost gone by now. I took a short break and got back to it.

I had to cut out the boards to build the box for the fridge to be mounted into.saw


I decided to use hot glue with a few screws to hold it together. I started the screws and left them loose a bit. Then I quickly injected hot glue into the 1/8 inch open seem and quickly tightened up the screws which worked pretty good. I put another bead of glue on the inside corners after that.

It got dark on me, so eventually I had to quit.

Close to done

I got this far. I need some braces to screw the door mounts too and then I’ll put some urethane on it to make it tougher and it should be about ready to install in the van.cabinet


I over did it

By now I’d overdone it and my back was killing me. I also overheated and my hives were itching like crazy.So I hobbled into the house and got out my cold pad and applied that for about a half hour for my sore back.  A bit better now. I wish that would work on the hives. Mostly I just grin and bare it and try hard not to itch things as that only makes things worse, but itches are very hard to not itch, especially when they really, really itch. :O)

That was it for the day. It’s supposed to rain pretty good tomorrow, so Ray and I are going for a rainy hike up in the  hills behind the State Park to visit some hermit types who live up there. If we are lucky, it will rain like hell on us, making everything in the forest a water wonderland.

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