Brushing Roads and Burying Spring Water Pipes

Friday July 8, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Brushing and burying

I got my tools together and loaded them on the quad runner and took off for the hills to do some work.

My plan was to trim some brush on the roads and throw some rocks and sticks off them on the way up to where I wanted to bury some of our water pipe from our springs that fill the tanks.


I rode up to here and trimmed some branches off the right side of the road.raod1


Tree removal

And then I continued to this spot where this tree was across the road, to work on it.tree2


Looks better eh.quad3


A couple more hundred yards up the road I started to trim this one out of the way. I took a bit more out of it than you see here but most of this one was too high for me to get to.tree4


Brushing and rocking

I stopped in this spot and trimmed some brush an threw some rocks off the road.brush5


Water tanks level

As I drove past the water tanks on this road I checked the water level.tanks6


Pink ribbon

It’s the reason I have the pink ribbon so I can see it from a long distance. You can barely see the pink ribbon on the ground so the tanks are full of water.ribbon8


Burying the spring water pipe

This is where I was headed to do some work on burying the black pipe that comes down the hill from our main spring. I decided to bury the pipe after the recent forest fire to prevent it form being burned up in another fire, but I didn’t get around to burying most of it a year ago when I started the project, even though I cut the trail for it.  I worked on the part just to the left front of the quad runner to bury the black pipe.trail9


The black pipe I buried looks like this piece of pipe.pipe10


Hard ground

I only did this short section and that’s all I had planned to do today on this as the ground is dry and hard to work with. I should wait until winter to do the rest after it rains a bit.trail12


My older back

And besides my back was saying it had enough for one day. My back is just old and worn out from using it and abusing it in my younger age. And I do a lot of physical stuff so I suffer a bit but I try not to let it slow me down too much, but sometimes it does. A little pain lets me know I’m still alive. :O)

So I headed for home going another way and threw some more rocks and sticks off the road on the way.

One last tree

Then I came to this downed tree. It was rotten and cracked up so I tried moving it. It was light enough to move and with the cracks I was able to move it out of the way.tree14


Now we don’t have to ride around that any more.trail16


Back home I rested up and did some chair hopping around the yard.

In the evening  I went over to my brother’s place to get some frozen string beans that were offered me and checked out this big day lily that was in bloom.lilly17


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Brushing Roads and Burying Spring Water Pipes

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I am impressed how much that older back gets done in a day.

    • Bob says:

      Yes, I figure if I don’t exercise it, even when it’s a bit sore it will only get worse faster. I figure working it a bit will help make it heal stronger. At least that’s my theory. :O) the trick is not to overdo it and I sometimes have a problem with that.

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