Broody Hens, Van Work and Enjoying the Day

Friday July 23, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Broody hens

I’ve got five hens that are broody and want to be mommas. The only problem is I have enough chicks and don’t need anymore and these hens are plugging up the egg laying boxes.

So I locked them in this little pen to keep them out of the egg laying boxes and hopefully break them of their broodiness.hens



Of course the chopper is still flying out hazardous trees in the state park next door. They sure make a lot of noise with that machine. I’ll be happy when they get done with that.

Under the van

Next I got a blanket out and crawled under the van to study what I needed to do to replace the gas lines with something else.van


These are some of the gas lines I want to replace and I needed to get some measurements too.pipes


And this is the fuel pump and more gas lines to be replaced.pump


Water timers arrived

While I was working on that a package arrived. Five mechanical water timers for my faucets arrived. I installed three of them and have these other two to put someplace. They make it so I get the water turned off as I usually forget to turn it off.timers


First ripe grapes

I spotted these grapes getting ripe, the first ones this year. I ate some of them.grapes


And my mulberry tree berries are getting ripe but I’m having a hard time finding black ripe ones so far.mulberries


Puttering in the yard

I spent a lot of the afternoon chair hopping and just taking it easy watching my chicks and walking around the yard eating berries and things.


I pulled a few weeds in this vegetable patch for the chicks.patch


The chicks always dive right into the weeds.weeds



I bought some fish emulsion the other day so I mixed up a batch.fertilizer


I gave these two citrus trees hiding in these weeds a good shot of the fish emulsion.citrus


More chair hopping and taking it easy until dark when I went in the house.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Ooh those grapes! And mulberries!
    Do the birds eat a lot of your fruit before you get to it?

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