Bone Broth and Prepping Two More Grow Panels For Planting

Sunday July 4, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Bone broth

The first thing I did today was start some chicken bone broth going in my instant pot. I set it up and let it cook all day.

Nothing to do

I didn’t have anything planned to do today so I chair hopped around the yard and eventually I found some stuff that needed done.

Helping some plants

There are a couple of plants that aren’t on the water system that could use some help to get them growing more. I did a peach tree that had volunteered from a seed and this grape plant I started from a cane.

First they got some fertilizer from the water can and then I put a sprinkler on them to give them a good drink and soak in the fertilizer.

Here’s the little grape plant that needed some help.grape1


Cleaning out the grow pens

Next I decided to work on clearing out the weeds in this grow pen so I pulled them all up and fed them to the chickens.weeds2


Grow panel prep

I got most of the weeds down and now the ground needs to be turned over where I’m going to put the grow panel  that is leaning on the fence there.weeded3



I turned over the ground and then let the chickens in to do there thing to the freshly turned dirt.dirt4



Nice blue sky today.sky4



I got a load of woodchip mulch for the spots I was digging in for the grow panels.mulch6


I did spread out the mulch and then turned the chickens into it to work it over and mix it up.bed7


Chickens working

The chickens do a pretty good job of mixing things up and eating all the goodies in the soil.heklpers8


Second grow panel prep

I also did this grow panel spot too. I got them prepped for seeding but didn’t get to that part today. Prepping those two grow panel spots took more energy then I thought it would so I didn’t get finished.helpers9


Getting some onions

After a good break I went over to my brother’s where he had his reject onions, the ones that went to seed, stored. I loaded up my box and took some back home to cut the tops off so I could use them to cook eventually.onions10


I cut the tops off and fed that part to the chickens.tops11


The rest went into the house ready to use in cooking things.

Nice day.

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