Blackberry Vines and A visit With Some Neighbors

Sunday May 21, 2023 Guerneville CA.

I thought I’d go up and visit a neighbor that lived high up in the hills today.

Wild blackberry vines

But first, I removed some more wild blackberry vines for about an hour, starting with these ones.vines15


Checking out another spring

After a brief rest, I hopped on the dirt bike and headed on up into the hills. I wanted to stop at this spring to check it out. The water comes from these big ferns on the left.lush6


There’s a little water crossing the road from the spring in the ferns on the right.spring2


Looking for the spring source

I made my way into the big ferns looking for where the water was coming out of the hillside.ferns4


I found a little water, but not much. This spring might just be for an animal watering hole. I’ll have to dig it out a bit to explore it more..spring5


Headed to the neighbors

Then I headed on up the road to the neighbor’s place, just ahead.road8



I parked here. They keep the gate closed to keep their three dogs in. I let myself in and gave the dogs a pet.gate9


Some of the neighbors where home. A little girl met me and said she  had something to show, two things, she said.

She had a new little bunny she showed me.bunny10


And she has a bunch of new peeps for their chicken house. She picked this one up to show me.chicks11


I visited until they had to go somewhere when I  left and headed back to our place where I went down this trail.trail12


I was headed to our water tanks where I wanted to turn another spring into the water tanks. It comes down a pipe just above the tanks, up here.tanks13


This water has been flowing out, not going in the tanks, all Winter as we haven’t needed it. I turned a valve that shut it off and turned it into the water tanks with the other spring pipe that we’ve been using.water14


I went on home and cut more blackberry vines out of the yard, starting with this bunch around my mulberry tree.vines16


I worked on cutting the vines until I got tired out and my back said to quit.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    What do you do with all those trimmings? Got a brush pile somewhere?

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