Blackberry Vine Removal and Spring Developing Work

Wednesday May 17, 2023 Guerneville CA.

I jumped on the motor bike to go up and check on the spring I’ve been working on and heard my brother Tom’s tractor so I stopped by to see what he was doing.

It looks like he is tilling his garden to plant a big potato field.tom1


From there I rode on up into the hills to ride around a bit before coming back to the spring area to check it out.spsring2


The water looked like it was coming out of the ground like yesterday. This is the spot where the main water flow is coming out of the hill and it looks like I need to dig it out some more.water3


Where does the water come from

A commenter asked where the spring water comes from. I can tell you some of it comes from the winter rains, but there’s lot more to it than that. Water has a lot of properties that make it move through the ground in weird ways. More ways than I wish to try and explain and more ways then I or anyone else really knows. Sorry about that. :O)

Berry vines

I went on home and cut some more blackberry vines out of my raspberry patch for about an hour. There’s lots of them and I need to get them cut out soon or they’ll get real big.vines4


Coffee plants

I checked on my two coffee plants I planted last winter. They haven’t started growing much and they didn’t like the cold last winter. I hope they will take off soon.

Here’s one of the coffee plants I planted.coffe5


More blue sky today.sky6


After a rest, I jumped on the quad runner and headed up to the spring to do some work on it, but stopped on the way to pick up that green chair to sit on to rest at the spring job.chair7


Spring work

The main water flow is coming out just to the left of the shovel, so I need to dig into the hill more here so that’s where I started working on removing the dirt to expose the water flow more.spring8


I dug and followed the water flow into the hill so I could see where the water was coming from.spring9


This is the spot of the main flow.spring10


The soil is changing color here showing where the water has been coming out of this hill for years.dirt11


When I finished up my work for the day, this was the water flow out of all the spring seeps.water12


I have five places the water is coming out of the hill on this spring and I need to get all five to converge into one flow so I can tap it easier. That’s another day.

I headed on home down through this old apple orchard.road13


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Such richness with the water. Sigh. If you actually end up with coffe beans, not to mention the overwhelming access to blackberries as well as a fishing brother and a potato growing brother, I’ll be turned completely green. Which is the 4th big sin. Well, at least it’s not number one. Enjoy! I suspect you do.

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