Birds, Seals, Surfers and Deer Paddling Around Jenner

Friday December 2, 2016 Jenner CA.

It’s always nice when the wind is down

I put my boat in the water and headed down towards the river’s mouth area.river


I went past several of these little birds feeding along the shoreline.littlbird


And paddled by these buffleheads.buffles


There were some harbor seals swimming around as I paddled along.seals


Lots of seagulls around today

I could see a lot of birds on the water up ahead. Mostly seagulls bathing and preening.moutharea



I paddled right up to the open mouth. It was high tide, so there wasn’t any outgoing current. I could see seals and birds and at least one guy in the waves surfing.mouth


It turned out there were quite a few surfers out there today.surfer


Seagulls come in from the ocean

While I was watching I noticed wave after wave of seagulls flying in from the ocean and heading over by Penny Island.

Lots of seagulls flew in and landed on the water and were bathing and preening as I started back up the river.gulls


I paddled up the island back channel and spied these deer feeding in the grasses on the upper end.deer


I took my time and paddled on up the river going by


Eventually, I crossed over the river to this side and paddled down looking for critters and birds. I could see an egret up ahead.shore


Here’s the fishing egret

The egret was fishing along the edge and seemed to be doing fairly well.egret


I also went past this pair of mallard ducks taking it easy getting the last sun rays of the day.ducks


I headed on in for the day which looked like this as I headed to the boat ramp.dayend


I put my boat back on the car at the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

A nap was in order, then I went outside and enjoyed the evening for a bit before it cooled down and drove me into the house.

Nice day.

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