Biologists and School Kids, Berries, Cows and a Bobcat

Wednesday May 25, 2016 Jenner CA.

Biologists and school kids

It was a bit overcast but the wind wasn’t too bad as I put my boat in the water. There was a big school bus in the parking lot and I saw some biologists sitting on the shoreline, so I went over to chat a bit. Turns out they were putting on some classes for the science school kids.

I backed off as I saw the kids headed our way and I watched as the biologists put out their net to collect samples as the kids watched.bios


The school kids watching the biologists work.biokids


There was another bunch over on the boat ramp pulling in the small sampling drag net that the biologist took out into the water for them.pullnetkids


Penny island looking for berries

I watched them for a bit, then crossed the river to the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island and pulled into it and landed on the gravel as I wanted to go for a little walk on Penny Island and look for some berries to


Over by the mattress vines, I found a bunch of salmon berries ripe, so I ate a bunch.salmon



It’s easy to get a hand full of them, but I think these particular ones could use some sugar.salberries


It didn’t take long to get my fill of those berries so I went across the island and looked for some little black berries and found some.berrys


I ate my fill of those berries and returned to the water in my boat and sat in the little channel and looked across to the town of Jenner.jenner


Biologists come over

Eventually the biologists approached and stopped just off to my right, so I went over to watch.sit


I watched them work their net and while doing so decided to take some video of the process and see if I could put a video together on YouTube of the process,  which I hope to do eventually..netbios

Here’s the video I made of the biologists pulling the net.

Biologists pulling the net video

Once I thought I had enough pictures, I continued on up the river stopping along the way.

Here they come again

Sure enough, they pulled in just behind Paddy’s rock and started taking samples and measuring the water.

Here’s the video of the biologists and the cows

Biologists and the cows

I was just crossing over to Paddy’s  rock when I heard the biologist’s boats approaching behind me.


Watch out Bob

I was shooting some more video of them when one of them said to watch out Bob, just behind me.

Some cows were coming right up behind me, but since I’ve messed with cows in my time, they didn’t bother me so I just kept shooting. The cows were real curious and were checking out the biologists the whole time they worked there.cows2


I left them at it and crossed over the river to the muskrat nest area and then started working my way down the river. The wind had come up a little.

What’s that

I was pulling in behind a redwood stump with some wood debris to get out of the wind for a break, when I noticed some movement just on the other side of the debris.

Its’ a bobcat

The debris protected me a bit from this bobcat seeing me and I watched it walk up the beach in front of


The bobcat walked up the beach about a hundred feet, then jumped up on a trial that went inland and it was gone.bobcat


Headed for the boat ramp

Like I said the wind was up a bit as I crossed over to Penny Island and then over to the boat ramp where I had to wait a bit for the biologists to get loaded up. as they beat me to the ramp.

I screwed up a bit

I screwed up this morning and parked behind their boat trailers thinking they could just drive on out frontwards, but some cars parked there while we were gone and my car was in the way of them backing up to get out. I could see they had to unhook the boat trailers to get out. My bad.

Once they cleared the ramp, I pulled in and went on home for the day.

I didn’t have much energy once I got home, so I mostly did nothing the rest of the day. I just sat around the yard enjoying the evening and that  was my day.

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