Big Waves Pounding the Beach, Two Eagles and a Lost Boat

Thursday December 6, 2018 Jenner CA.

Big waves at the ocean

With the weather guys saying the wind would be down at Jenner today, I headed on down to the river to kayak.

There was a flat bottomed boat with duck decoys pulled up on the boat ramp. It had some water in it from the recent rains. It looked like it floated down the river and someone found it and pulled it up on the boat ramp to keep it from going into the ocean.

I put my boat in the water and paddled across the river to Penny Island looking like this.river1


Big waves

The river was nice and calm but I could see and hear the ocean’s waves roaring and pounding on the shoreline as the waves came in down by the mouth.

I paddled down along Penny island taking my time looking down to the ocean.ocean2


Yes there were plenty of big waves breaking out there today as seen from Penny Island.waves


There were quite a lot of seagulls in the area too. This is what happens when they jump into the air for some reason.stump3


End of the island

I pulled into this spot on the bottom end of the island and watched for a bit, just enjoying the day.island4


After watching the waves for a bit I paddled on down to have a closer look. Lots of foam was coming in off the ocean from the big waves and ocean water was breaking over the sandy beach quite often as I watched.ocean


Lots of water coming over the sand

Occasionally the waves were breaking over the higher spots on the beach like this. I could see a couple of big birds on that log there but I couldn’t make them out. And a bit later I advised two people that it wasn’t safe in this spot as waves were breaking over occasionally and could wash them in. They lift the spot quickly.wavewash5


There were some harbor seals resting on the beach.seals6


Eagles hanging around

Here’s the two eagles that were sitting on that log.eagles7


I paddled over to the mouth area and sat in my boat and watched the big waves crashing in.mouthwave8


There was one big wave after another as I watched.wave


Eventually I paddled by these seals down to the end of the river just past the mouth area and looked back.critters9


Thick foam

The big waves generate a lot of foam. I sat here for a bit as where the foam is there is no current so it’s easy to stay in one place without your boat drifting in a current or the wind. If there was a current or the wind the foam would move out, so when it piles up you know there isn’t any current or wind so it’s a good spot to sit for a bit.foam10


Shooting the bull with John

When I was about to leave I turned and saw John standing by his house so I paddled over to this spot in front of his house and shot the bull with him for a bit and watched the waves from here.foam11


John said he was walking up to the town of Jenner where the boat ramp was so I said I’d likely see him there as I was going that way.

Upper end of Penny Island

So I paddled off and headed over to the upper end of Penny Island to have a look around this spot for a bit before heading over to the boat ramp.channel12


John and I tie up the boat

The boat was still there and I looked for a rope to tie it up to keep it from going out into the ocean but there wasn’t any rope. John came by and knew were there was some rope if he had a knife so I gave him my knife and shortly he returned with a piece of rope.

Here’s John tying up the boat with the rope.boat12


The boat has old licenses and numbers so maybe the owners will be found.

I drove on home for the day and got something to eat and a nap.

Chickens out to graze

Around four I let the chickens out into the yard to graze for an hour.chicks13


That was it for me today. Had a nice day at the river. It’s hard to believe it’s winter time around here sometimes with such nice days.

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2 Responses to Big Waves Pounding the Beach, Two Eagles and a Lost Boat

  1. Mister ed says:

    I must not have read your results of your Air dried plums.
    How did they come out. was it as you expected ?
    If you just letting them sit there, why do they not just turn rotten?

    • Bob says:

      Hi Ed,
      I don’t think I’ve said anything about those plums I tried to dry. I’ve dried them before but this year the sun wasn’t enough to dry them out and most of them stayed too wet or gooey in the middle. I do have about a quarter of them that are ok. I like my dried prunes better as they are a bit smaller and dried properly. Prunes are plums. Interesting is that dried prunes/plums have some kind of mold retardant built in and don’t mold much. Plums or prunes are about the same except the plums are larger so take longer to dry. The prunes are usually meatier than the plums too so dry better. I don’t remember if I said but I gave the wet plums to the chickens. I think the prunes dry better too because of more sugar in them and the sugar is also partly why they don’t mold.

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