Bench Repair, Overlook Work and French Prunes

Saturday August 5, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Van bench repair

I got the new leg on the bench and now I have to screw on the other boards.bench


I got it all screwed together. It’s good and strong. Could use some paint, but it’s not going to get any. Maybe I should oil it up a bit as that’s easy to do.stool


Up in the hills

After some chair hopping around the yard, I decided some exercise would be good to get today. I loaded up the tools on the quad runner and rode on up into the hills stopping at this spring to get the cam card. However, I found the cam like this, turned over. No pictures on what might have turned it



I rode on up to this nice overlook where I had some work to do.view


Stump seat

There’s a sorta trail on out to a big stump. It’s covered with green leaves right now. My plan is to carve out a little better trail out to the stump for a place to sit. The upper edge of the trail will also be a place to sit and enjoy the day.stump


Here’s the stump and the trail I carved out. You can sit on the stump or the upper edge of the trail which is much more comfortable than standing.overlook


That took a couple hours and I did get some much needed exercise.

I headed on back towards the house on this trail.path



And stopped to check on the tank water level. The gauge is working good.gauge


Back home, I needed a nap.

French Prunes

Later, I went out and moved this ladder over by the prune trees as they are getting ripe and most of them are up in the air.ladder


There’s a good crop of French Prunes this year. Most people never get to eat a prune fresh as they are only available dried at the stores. They are pretty tasty fresh.prunes


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a fresh prune. I thought prunes were just dried plums. How about that. They are lovely to see and DO look like plums.

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