Barry and I Ride the Dirt Bikes and Then I Work On Getting Roots Off the Old Animal Trail

Sunday August 7, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Barry and I ride the dirt bikes

Barry showed up in the yard today with his dirt bike so I filled up mine with gas and we took off for the hills.Barry1


On the way up into the hills I realized I’d forgotten my camera.

We rode all around as usual going fairly fast today as I’m getting better at it. We stopped at all the regular places, a drink of spring water included and were home by 2:30.

Trail work

Barry took off for home and I decided to head back up in the hills and do some trail work at 3.

3 came and went and so did 4, but at 4:30 I jumped on the quad runner with my chainsaw and my other Pulaski and  rode on up into the hills to the work area.

Cutting out roots day

I was going to try and remove these roots today, one at a time.roots2


Pulaski work

I used the Pulaski first to cut the smaller roots that would get a lot of dirt in them. That root is four or five inches in diameter.rootcut3


I chopped through a couple of the roots and used the Pulaski to remove dirt around them  first.rotts4


I cut through these two roots.cutroots5


Old shirt

I brought up an old T-shirt to tie around the root I wanted to cut to help keep the dirt and rocks out of the chainsaw cut.shirt6


Chainsaw work

And then I cut off those roots so I could use the Pulaski to dig some more roots out, so I could cut some more.cut7


The big one

This is the largest root that needed cutting and I was trying to save the chainsaw for cutting that one as it was a little large for the Pulaski.

All prepped and ready for the cut. I’d already cut the bottom pieces with the Pulaski so it should fall off when I  make this cut just below the shirt.bigroot8


I got that cut off before the chainsaw got dull and I have most of the roots out now.bigrootcut9


I got the trail cleaned up a bit with all the roots out of the way.rootsout10



I worked on some more of the trail moving dirt and rocks to clear this section.trail11


Some road work on the way home

It was about 7:30 when I was done for the day and went on home, stopping here to clear some sticks and rocks off the road.road12


I could drive by these fallen trees and almost did but decided to stop and cut them off the road.trees13


I got back home in time to eat some fruit and berries and check on the chickens.

This hen had two little guys under her. You can see one of them.peep14


Nice day.

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