Barry and I Clear Trees and Brush Off Our Fire Roads

Thursday September 29, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Clearing fire roads

Barry was coming by today and he wanted to clear some trees and brush off our roads. I went with him to help out. Now, all these pictures look like he’s doing all the work, but while he is using his chainsaw I’m staying out of the way and throwing rocks and sticks off the roads until he’s done cutting, then I help him get the stuff he cut off the road.

First log

Here’s the first log he tackled, the first of  many today.barry1


We cleared that one off the road and moved to this next little one Barry took care of, an easy one.cutting2


He cut this overhanging one out so he doesn’t hit it with his helmet when riding by.limbs3


Big mess

This one was a bigger mess and took us some time to get cleared off the road.trees4


We were pretty tired out after that mess so headed up to our resting place at the top of the hill, but on the way we had to cut this tree off the road to get by.log5


Resting spot

From there it was clear all the way to the top of the hill with this view today. A bit of smoke is in the air, from a nearby control burn.view6


We rested there for quite a spell, just enjoying the day and resting up for the next job.view7


After a good rest we took off down the hill to our next tree to remove.riding8



This log was bigger than most of the rest of them and solid so Barry decided to just cut it down onto the road for now and come back with his truck to cut it into firewood.cutting9


There’s some nice firewood in that log and that’s where we left it for today.firewood10


Old road

We decided to clear all the trees and brush off this old road so we can get it opened up and set up to clear a trail over a couple of slides on it, later.log11


That old road had a lot of smaller brush on it that we worked to get cleared.olddroad


After that we headed to our spring to get a drink of water when we ran into this downed tree, so we got it cut and out of the way so we could pass.log12


Nice drink of water

A nice fresh drink of spring water was just what we needed. We sat in the chairs for a bit to rest up before continuing on.drink13


We figured we only had a couple more to do. This one Barry cut into firewood pieces for picking up later.firewood14


Rolling big logs

After that we headed for home but had one more place we had to roll some big logs off the road. They were big and we had to work to get them to roll off the road. The only trouble was they rolled down the hill onto the road below it so we had to go down and roll them off that road.

Shot the bull

I think that was the last one. We headed for home. My brother
Tom showed up so we sat around and shot the bull for a bit.session15


Barry took off for home and is coming back tomorrow for a ride after all the work.

I went in for a much needed nap and eventually came back outside and worked on making my bed in the van and getting some more stuff loaded up.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    That trail/road clearing is a full time job!

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