Avocadoes, Looking for Old Van Parts and Some Trail Work

Tuesday February 21, 2023 Guerneville CA.


The wind was gusting pretty good out there today, so I checked to see if anymore avocadoes had fallen off the tree and I found these four that I beat the chickens to. I left them a couple that had some bites out of them from the squirrels nibbling on them.avocados1


Looking for parts for the old van

I spent a good deal of time looking for parts for the van’s spring shackles without much luck, mostly

I did finally find some parts that had measurements that looked pretty close to what I needed. One set for 43 bucks so I took a chance and ordered a set. I’ll see if that first set fits before ordering another set for the other side. That was just for the bushings and I really wanted the metal hangers too, but I thought I could go with the old ones if need be.

Google AI helps me out

While checking the local news online this morning they popped an add that looked like the set I’d been looking for. I checked on the ad and it took me to a web page that had what looked like what I wanted and a chat box popped up so I asked for the dimensions of the parts. They said they’d send me an email with the dimensions tomorrow and the price was only 30 dollars for the one full set that included all the parts I needed for one side.

Hopefully that all works out. There’s plenty of parts around for these old vans. In those days, most all Chevy stuff used  mostly the same parts, but for some reason the old vans aren’t supported with old parts books or online lists either, for that matter. And the parts they do have for the old trucks don’t usually have dimensions on them which complicates things even more.

Forest exercise

With the days getting longer it gives me a chance to go up into the forest and get some work done at a later time of the day so I headed on up into the hills and walked out this trail to  move some dirt for a couple hours.trail2


I worked on making this little piece of the trail a little bit wider.trail3


The day was starting to darken as I walked back down the trail to the dirt bike.trail4


No start, what the?

It was starting to get dark. I pushed the start button and nothing happened. And this bike doesn’t have a kick starter. Fortunately I was on a hill and I got the bike rolling down that trail and it started right up. Not sure what was wrong. I shut it off and tried the start button  a couple times while headed down the hill and it still wouldn’t start with the button.  I made it home and shut it off and tried the electric start and it started. Hummmmmm? I’ll see what it does tomorrow.trail5


Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    I’m thinking there’s more parts available for the old van than say a five year old RV. Glad you got a few avos.

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