Attaching Wire and Prepping the New Garden Enclosure for Some Planting With Mulch

Saturday April 28, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Garden enclosure construction continues

This is where I left off on the garden enclosure construction last night as it got dark. I’ve just installed the inter panel that divides the enclosure into halves in the middle. It’s hard to see. panel1


Wiring the last panel for this enclosure

The last panel has to be installed. I’ve got it welded up but it needs it’s wires attached to it.

So I set everything up and started cutting and attaching the wire to the panel.wire2


A bit of drizzle

It started to drizzle on me, not enough to get wet so I kept working until my back was wet enough to make me cold and the drizzle was picking up.rained3


Time for a break

I went in the house for a break and turned the heater on to warm up and made a cup of coffee to help out.

It wasn’t long before the drizzle stopped so I went back outside and continued attaching the wire.

It’s not my favorite job, but each time I get all the wire attached to another panel it’s done, so I kept at it.

Finished panel

I’ve just finished putting all the wire on this panel and it’s ready to drag over to the garden and install it.panel4


Here’s the gate I made in this panel. It’s an end panel so the gate is mostly in the middle.gate5


Garden enclosure

I installed the panel to complete the sides of the enclosure. It still needs a top, but I wanted to get some mulch in now so I can plant vegetables soon.panel6


I spent a bit of time lining up the sides and squaring them as best I could as the top will be square and so this lower part will need to be square for the top to line up.

Hauling mulch

I used the wheelbarrow to haul tree mulch from under some trees to the new garden area. I think I did about 6 or 7 loads.mulch7


Remove another stump

I was looking at this big stump I had trimmed up some for the chicken coop to fit in that spot. I decided to move the coop some more to the right to get more tree shade, so that meant the rest of the stump needed to be trimmed down some more. stump8


So I dug around the stump and washed off the dirt with water getting it ready for me to break up, maybe tomorrow.stump9


That digging wore me out so I chair hopped for the rest of the day studying what I still needed to do on these projects.

That was my day.

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