Another Day Traveling North On Highway 95 and Home Again

Sunday and Monday March 27, 28, 2022 Yerington Nevada

Travel day

This was last night’s camp spot up near some old mining


Belt tightening

The first thing on the agenda was to tighten up the van’s fan belts as I’m tired of hearing them squeak every time when I start the engine.van1


Little walk

Then I went for a little walk around to see what I could see around my camp area.

I spotted this old cabin by an old mine.shed3


Can dump

And it looks like they ate a lot out of cans as there were a lot of them around here. Actually cans seem appropriate out here a long way away from a store in the old days and not much in the refrigeration department in the in those days.cans4


Breaking camp

It’s been real windy so there was a lot of dust in the air as I started up the van and headed down to the highway, I think I was on 160 north and sorta heading up highway 95 north.van5


It’s a big area I’m traveling through with big valleys and mountain ranges.raod6


The highways are mostly nice and straight and mostly 70 miles an hour.road7


Need a camp spot

I travelled all day and pulled through Yerington around five and needed a spot to camp for the night.

I’ve noticed there are more open roads around the populated areas, just outside of the towns so I was watching when I left Yerington  as I needed a camp before I got too close to highway 80 and civilization and it would soon be dark.

I found one

Not far out of Yerington, I saw a big dirt road to the left that looked promising, so I took it and it opened up onto an old abandoned mining area. Good enough for me.

I pulled up among the mining ruins and parked here for the night overlooking the valley below where Yerington is located.van7


Walk around

After getting settled in I went out for a walk around the mining area. This was looking back at camp as I went for a walk around.van8


Old copper mine

The mine appeared to be an old copper mine and it had lots of cement things around to look at. By the amount of the cement stuff it must have been a rather big and successful mine at one time.pillers10


Rattle snake

I spotted this guy trying to get some sleep by a cement slab as I walked by about six feet from it. It didn’t move and likely just wanted to be left alone…………., But.rattlesnake


I tossed some tiny pebbles at it and didn’t hit it but it finally turned and crawled under the cement shaking it’s rattle a bit.rattles12


What were things used for

I always like to look around at the old stuff and see if I can figure out what they were doing to the ore in olden days.

However I’ve seen more gold mines in our areas as there’s lots of gold country in California so a lot of what I saw here I couldn’t figure out as this is copper country and they mill it different than gold.

Somehow they seemed to bring the ore down from up there where the mine is down to here to start the milling process.redbrick13


Camp spot

While exploring around the mining area I ran into this, someone’s little paradise camp. Nice and neat and clean, although it didn’t appear to being used much lately.camp14


This old  mining area seems like a good spot to spent the night, it should be nice and peaceful.


I’m almost to highway 80 west which  leads over the mountains towards home which I should be able to make by tomorrow driving most of the day.

Nice day.

Home Sweet Home

Monday March 28, 2022

I made it home today around six PM.

Good to be home!!!

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3 Responses to Another Day Traveling North On Highway 95 and Home Again

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Welcome home! Yerington is where bloggers Ken and Shirley live. It’s too bad the connection couldn’t have been made to camp at their lovely spot. They would have welcomed you with open arms, I’m sure!
    However, your spot is pretty cool. That snake?? yikes! Still hoping that I don’t see one. :) Interesting pictures of the camp spot and cabin around the mines.
    Glad you are home safe after a great trip! Bonus that we got to meet you finally!

  2. Nancy K says:

    That little camp site? How cool is that???? I’d stay there if I was sure I could get my rig OUT!! Thanks for sharing the great trip!!

  3. Barb in Florida says:

    Glad you made it home safe. Thanks for taking us along.
    Did you have a reason for waking up a sleeping rattlesnake?

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