An Evening Dirt Bike Ride and Some Strawberries

Sunday April 26, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Changed plans

I was thinking of going up in the hills and working on the pipe line trail but then I thought I better not as I might wear myself out too much and not want to go shopping tomorrow as planned. I haven’t shopped since the lock down so I really need to get some goodies to eat.

So I moped around the yard and did some chair hopping.

Electric fan bracket

The van’s radiator was sitting on the ground. Looking at it I could see I needed to make another electric fan mounting bracket like the one I already  made for the front. Now I needed one for the back of the radiator as I have one fan push and one fan pull. The brackets make it so I can put the fan in or out if I want to work on something.

I mostly needed to copy the first bracket I made that you see on the radiator. But there are some pipes on the radiator on this side I need to deal with and have the bracket miss them.

So I measured and cut the metal pieces I will need and was going to well the metal pieces up,…………..but.

Here’s the radiator with the fan bracket I need to copy.radiator


And the metal pieces I cut to make another bracket for another fan.metal


Branches in the way

My welding table had a tree by it which the limbs had over grown the table and since welding makes lots of sparks I needed to remove all the branches before I could do any welling.

Here’s the branches all cut off the tree trunk and ready to be picked up and hauled off.tree


I did get the branches hauled off but by then it was getting later in the day so I didn’t get around to welling the bracket up.

Dirt bike ride

Instead I decided to go for an evening dirt bike ride up in the hills as it was a real nice day.

My brother Mike’s dirt bike battery needed charged up anyway so I got the bike started and off I went.

I stopped here to check out a


And then rode on up to the ridge top to have a look.ridge



The small town of Guerneville is nestled down there in the trees.guerneville


After having a look, I took off on this road that is getting overgrown with Scotch broom.broom


I rode around the property going through here.road1


And through here.road2


I was moving right along through here.road3


I stopped here for a bit to look at another spring going off to the left.road4


And my last stop was here to check to see how the spring was doing here. It’s slowing down just a bit but still doing good.road5


On the way home I rode on through here.road6


Strawberries getting ripe

I decided it would be a good idea to stop to see if any strawberries where getting ripe in Tom’s garden.

I walked past this  newly planted pole bean patch.beans


To the strawberry patch.patch


Berries are just starting to ripen up nicely so I ate a few of them.strawberries


I rode on home and put the bike away. The evening was so nice I sat out in the yard until dark and then went on in the house for the day.

Nice day.

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