A Walk Up the Mountain and I Check Out Armstrong Valley Farm’s Stuff

Sunday December 3, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Nice day for a walk up in the hills

The sun was shining nicely when I got it going today, so I decided to take a little walk up into the hills.

I walked down this road.WALK5


And continued around the hill on this one.walk6


Here I jumped off the road and walked down through these redwoods.walk2


I picked up another road and continued on.wLK3


I stopped here in this spot to take a break and enjoy the day.WALK4


All was good at the water tanks

I headed on down the hill going by our spring water tanks. I looked over and could see water coming out of the overfill pipe so all was good there, plenty of water. tanks7


Here I’m just coming down from the mountain and about to enter our old apple orchard up ahead.orchard8

Armstrong Valley Farm stuff

I stopped by my brother’s garden to see what was growing. This is kale. It’s supposed to be good stuff, but I haven’t acquired a taste for it yet, so I don’t eat it often.kale10


I went by and said hi to his chickens. Of course they  just wanted something to eat.chickens


I went on home where I went next door to check on some more of  his garden. His broccoli looks good. I have some in my latest vegetable soup.broc12


Chair hopped

I puttered around the yard for the rest of the day. I didn’t get much done, mostly just chair hopped and that was my day for a good one.

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