A Visitor, Got the Old Quad Runner Going and More Strawberry Hangers

Thursday March 2, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Chair Hoping

I was sitting out in my yard enjoying the morning when a car drove in my yard.

It was Ken and his dog. They came by for a visit. We shot the bull for a bit, then changed chairs.That’s were they are heading. We shot the bull for a bit more, then they took off.lrm1



I went over to see how my brother’s graphs were doing since he put goop on them to seal them up. They look good but you have to keep checking on them to make sure no cracks have formed that would dry them out.gra[js2


The day was starting out real nice as I sat in this chair checking out the sky.sky3


I let the chickens into the blueberry pen this morning so they can clean up all the weeds before I put some more mulch in there.pen5


Then I picked up these raspberry vine trimmings and put them in the pile I have for that kind of stuff.brush6


Fixing the old Quad runner

Next, I went over to have a look at the old quad runner, I was putting back into service. I was just going to have a look but I got started on trying to find out why it won’t start.quad7


Fixed the headlight too

While I was working on it, I found the head light didn’t work os I took it apart and cleaned up these bulb contacts and put it back together.buld8


The bulb lite up when I tested it. I put that back together.lights9


Testing for spark

Next, I pulled the park plug and tested it for spark. When I turned it over, it had spark, which was good. I put the spark plug back in the engine.plug10


I had only put a small amount of gas in the tank so I added some more, just to make sure I had enough in there.

I hit the start button and it fired a bit. I kept hitting the start button until it was running smoothly. That was good. Now I need a new battery for it.

Hanging strawberry pots

I have three hanging pots that I also have strawberries in, so I decided to change the soil in them also. This is another way to hang strawberry plants if you don’t want to make something to do it.pots11


I mixed up some soil so it would have a bunch of mulch in it and put the new soil in the pots with the dormant plants.dirt12


Here they are ready to hang up.planted13


And here they are ready to make berries soon.potted14


Nice day.

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2 Responses to A Visitor, Got the Old Quad Runner Going and More Strawberry Hangers

  1. Judith says:

    Yes, like Nancy I am missing the enjoyment of growing food. Seeing your strawberry pots, I was tempted, but the climate and my age have taken their toll. My grandmother used to grown strawberries in the actual ground. Don’t know anybody who does it around here anymore. I don’t know if everybody’s gotten as lazy as me, or if it’s just too hot! Glad you are enjoying your Eden.

  2. Nancy K says:

    You make me miss my garden. I used to love growing crazy things like peanuts and purple potatoes.

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