A Visit With a Neighbor’s Dogs and a Good Ride Around the Hills

Saturday October 29, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Visiting day

It seemed like a good day to ride the dirt bike up into the hills and visit one of my neighbors who lives on the hill tops.

I took off and stopped here to throw those little logs off the road.logs


Neighbor’s place

The neighbors live five or so miles up the road just past this spot about another half mile or so.road



The view today was on the hazy side, maybe from a controlled burn. That tallest peak is where we always stop to take a break, where the hammock is.view


Only dogs

I made it to the neighbors place. Three dogs were home and greeted me at the gate. I went in and no one else was around.

That’s ok, as it was a good ride up into the hills and across their place.

After visiting with the dogs a bit, I headed on back to our place and rode around the hills for a couple of hours, just enjoying the day.

The view of the town of Guerneville was real hazy too.guerneville


Checking out a road

I rode on over to another neighbor’s place to check out a road that went up into the hills that the fire guys used to fight the forest fire a couple years ago. They left the rode in bad shape and water is running down it and messing it up. I was thinking of repairing it for the neighbor and making it so water doesn’t run down it as we may need it again someday.

I’ll likely work on it the next time I get the dozer started up.

Anyway I rode around all afternoon and then went on home. I was tired out so a big nap was in order and that was my day.

Nice day.

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