A Visit, Van Prepping and Cat Doors For the Cat

Tuesday February 19, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Lotsa time so took it easy mostly

I was having a cup of coffee this morning when I saw my brother Mike’s truck pull into the yard so I got up and went on out there. He was bringing me over some of his junk he no longer needs. Stuff like pipe and metal pieces and some other stuff too. We put it with the rest of my junk.

He brought Bryce by an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. We unloaded the stuff and shot the bull for a bit then they took off.mike


Since I had postponed leaving on my trip for a few days I didn’t have much to do today so I mostly rested up for the trip.

Van prepping

I did do some prepping on the van loading some stuff and making sure what was already in there was in good shape. I also checked and aired the tires and checked the batteries which were a bit low on juice but the long trip down to Quartzsite should charge them up nicely.van


I looked at my silverware box and everything in it was a bit moldy so I took it in the house for cleaning up.

I also cleaned up the top of my gas stove as it’s needed it for quite some time now. Looks much nicer now.

Cat doors for the cat

Late in the day I decided to make a couple more cat doors so the cat can get through the chicken fences.

I made them out of some old boards I had. All I had to do was cut a hole in them and drill some holes to wire them up.

Here’s one of them. So far the chickens haven’t gone through any of them. And as far as I know neither has the cat.cathole


I noticed this wild plum tree is blooming nicely.tree


Cat needs to learn to use the doors

And I installed this cat door too. Now if the cat will just learn to use them.door


Chicken assistant

My chicken assistant Dominique, that will take care of the chickens while I’m gone came by so I showed her what she needs to know to do the job.

I’ll spent tomorrow finishing packing things up and doing some more resting up so it should be another easy day.

That was my day for a nice restful one.

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2 Responses to A Visit, Van Prepping and Cat Doors For the Cat

  1. David Evans says:

    I was wondering what the chickens were going to do without you…..
    I think they feel you are their dad..
    I have a swell kitty who just showed up last year, just moved in……If you weren’t so far south from me I’d loan him to you…
    A mouskie..rat….spider..fly ..snake would not stand a chance with B.K..(Black Kat..Barn Kat)..He earns his keep around my home, and he’s a good pal as my wife passed away..
    If he was a girl, I’d think Joyce came back…….:+)…..

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice to get things all ready to hit the road. And back to Quartzsite will be fun.

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