A Spring Day Dirt Biking In the Forest

Saturday February 27, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride day

I was thinking of just sitting around today mostly and enjoying the yard.

I got up feeling a bit tired out. Then I saw my brother Barry out in the front yard with his dirt bike.

I went out to talk and didn’t really feel like going so I told him to go for a ride by himself so we sat around talking for a bit and the sun warmed me up.

Off we go

So I said let me get my shoes on and we’d go for a dirt bike ride.

Barry’s getting the gate we have to go through to head up into the hills.gate


Trees down

It was real windy up here yesterday so there were some trees down across the roads here and there.tree


Hey if you’re talking pictures you can’t do the work.tree2


Top of the World

We rode around for an hour or so then headed for a break at the Top of The World here.top


With the sun shinning down on us we had a nice long break, just enjoying the day and shooting the bull.resting


Let’s ride

Eventually it was time to ride, so we headed off for about another hour of riding around the hills eating up the roads.bikes


We rode up and down and around and eventually headed towards home as I was worn out from all the riding.road


Barry saw Tom working on pruning a small apple tree so we stopped for a bit to shoot the bull.tom


Barry took off for home and I had a nap for a bit.

Moving the freezer

Then I went out to my cluttered garage to check out a freezer I had stored in there as I wanted to move it to my back porch to start using it soon as I’m thinking of buying a quarter of beef maybe.

I wasn’t planning to get it out of the clutter yet but I started moving things and eventually got enough stuff moved to get the freezer out of the garage where I can test it to see if it still works. It was brand new when a lady gave it to me as she didn’t need it as she moved so it should be good.

Tending chickens

As always the chickens are eager to get into the front yard to graze. I tried to count them all as they went through the gate.  I got around 48 I think but they are hard to count.chickens


Freezer test

The freezer has been running for  a few hours now so I checked the temp from me just randomly setting the deal. It read –5 F. Looks like it works just fine.

The day turned out pretty good for not planning to do anything.

Nice day

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Great day for a ride and it sounds like with a little bit of sitting around, your brother can encourage you to do almost anything! Ha! Was it like that when you were both young? :) The resting part at the top of the world appeals to me – the sunshine especially.
    That’s a lot of chickens! :)

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