A Ride out Bull Run Creek Road to Check It Out

Thursday September 27, 2023 Bull Run Road Nevada, Idaho

Riddle Ranch

I sat around camp this morning considering my options of what to do today. I knew I wanted to go to the Indian Reservation to get gas and post some blogs.

Then I needed to  make up my mind on where I wanted to explore today. I was thinking I should explore a part of the Reservation I  hadn’t been on before so I studied the maps for a couple of hours, mostly just taking it easy and enjoying the camp spot.

I made up my mind to explore the south western part of the Reservation, so that was settled.

Big Jet

Just before I was ready to leave, the big jet I saw yesterday, roared in about about a 100 feet over  my head and banked right over my van. That was exciting.

To me, jets mean freedom. They keep wars off our soil. And when I was in Vietnam, they meant no other jets would be attaching me from above, which is a big thing. :O)

Heading out

I packed up and headed to the Reservation Store going by some of the Riddle Ranch cattle that are on the winter pasture.riddle


I got gas at the store in Owyhee and went into the hardware store to get something where I ran into Irwin, an Indian guy I know.We shot the bull for awhile then I headed on over to the Tribal Court house to use the internet there.

A ride out Bull Run Creek Road

The ride started out on the Reservation going southwest then went along the Bull Run Creek which was a bunch of big green meadows that the sign said was or used to be the Penton Ranch. I know it used to be a real big ranch but am not sure what it is now.

This is what the road looked like when it left the paved road on the Reservation.road2


Then I started to come into the cattle ranch country.road3


The road went right through this guys place. He was working his horses right out on the road and waved, as I did, when I went on by, going real slow out of respect.horses4


One of the large ranches on this road with the green meadow.ranch5


That’s Sheep Creek Reservoir. You can camp and boat and fish on this lake. I don’t think there’s a charge, but I’m not sure. It’s a public reservoir.lake6


This is what can happen if you are coming this way and make the turn too fast. It looks like it’s been here for quite some time.wrack7


The roads were long and mostly straight once I left the Bull Run Creek Valley and the wash-board wasn’t too bad either.road8


I had to open and close about six of these gates on the road. There weren’t any locks, as it’s a public road, going through a lot of BLM areas.gate9


I went by these old cabins along the side of the road. They were old and haven’t been used in a long time.cabins10



It was about 38 miles to the state line which is just up ahead. There turned out to be a high pressure gas pumping station there on the left to my surprise. This is were Nevada goes into Idaho.road11


I’m coming up on the Stateline here. I was also surprised to see these old cabins in this spot right at the line.cabins12


Gas pumping station

I checked out the pump station first.gas12


Then I drove the short distance to the cabins where there was also a cattle working corral. I camped far enough away from the cabins to stay away from any rats in the night.camp13


Of course I checked out the cabins. I found this in the one on the right.names15


I think the place was originally one of the big ranch’s summer cattle operations as there were wells with  ten or so very big water troughs for water for the cattle. There’s not a drop of water there now.


Looking to the west through the gas pumping station.sunset14



I have a few miles to go yet, to get back on the Reservation, and about 25 miles to go to get back to Owyhee, the town on the Reservation. The road is called the Stateline road. I plan to take my time travelling on it and maybe stop at a reservoir to camp, or maybe not, we’ll see.

Nice day.


I made the loop and am back at the Duck Valley Reservation for gas and posting this blog.

From here, I think I’ll start heading back towards Winnemucca slowly camping at my places, so I’ll take a few days to get there.

You’ll have to wait for today’s  blog until l get it written. I got caught in a bunch of cowboys rounding up  cattle on the Reservation which was ok with me.

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