A Ride In the Forest Checking Out Our Springs

Saturday June 13, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Yard work

First thing I did today was do some chair hopping around the yard and put the water on some weeds.watering


I fed the chickens and made sure they were all happy.eggboxes


That’s the dust box for them to bathe in. Of course they use anyplace where they can make dust to do it.dustbox


Hopped on the dirt bike

A bit later in the day I fired up the dirt bike and rode on up into the hills to check on some springs and just enjoy the nice day.

Checking springs

This was the first place I stopped to check out a spring to make sure all was well with it.bike4


This was the spring I checked out and it was working as it should.spring5


I continued on up the road and stopped at this spring.bike6


It was working as it should also, no problems there.spring7


Ridge top view

I continued on up the hill to this ridge top that overlooks the town of Guerneville down there.guerneville


From the ridge top I took off on a little dirt bike ride going through here.road9


And down this road.road10


I stopped to check out this spring spot. Some animal had been in the puddle of water there but otherwise it was also working as it should.spring12


Water tanks

And back down at the bottom of the hill I stopped at our water tanks to check the water level. They were all full which is always nice.tanks13


Armstrong Valley Farm for strawberries

On the way home I stopped at my brothers garden to see how the strawberries where doing.

I walked through here headed for the berry patch.garden14


I did find some ripe strawberries. They were real sweet and flavorful, the best so far.berries


Not many blueberries yet

Once home I put the bike away and went out to see if the berries were getting ripe in the blueberry patch. Some were and I ate a few but they are just getting started.blueberries15


Chick doors

I’ve been trying to figure out how to let out my medium sized chicks out and not any of the smaller ones. It’s easy to just let out the small ones in the little door in the back but it’s not so easy to keep the small ones in and only let the medium ones out.

So I decided to put this board across the exit. The plan is for the medium sized chicks to jump over the first board and then they can use the small door in the back. My hope is when the smaller chicks get big enough to clear he board in the front, they’ll be large enough and safe out there by then.gate


So I’ll be testing that out to see if it works or not. I need to keep the smaller ones in until they are large enough not to be eating by snakes and stuff that might be in the grow pens where they can go. I don’t let them outside as the hawks get them.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I have to admit that you are the only person I know who waters weeds. :D
    The view on that ridge is gorgeous! I wonder if you ever see specks of light in the trees? Maybe not in the daytime.
    Yummy strawberries!

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