A Rainy Day For Napping and Reading

Tuesday May 16, 2017 Troy Oregon

A rainy day

It was showering on and off when I awoke this morning so I stayed in bed longer than usual. Not just because of the rain, but because of my corn intolerance problem I wasn’t sleeping well during the night because of the itches from eating something corny.

When I went over to the main house I found Dan working away removing an old wood stove platform that was in the way now that there was no wood stove in the spot any longer.

More napping than reading

I got something to eat and went back outside to my van to read.

The view out the door looked like this, raining off and on.dayview


Late for dinner

I read a little but couldn’t keep my eyes open so I had a nap and must of fell asleep for a bit. I went back over to the house to see how Dan was doing and then went back to my van for another nap and when I awoke it was abut 7 PM, so I went over to the house to see about dinner, which everyone else had already eaten. I found they had cooked me up some ocean fish the guy that brought the crabs the other day had also left. I made up a bowl of Ola Ola pounded yam flour, which mixes up a lot like mashed potatoes and that was my dinner.

Everyone in the house looked like they were going to bed early so I went out in my van and am reading Louis Lamour’s The Walking Drum, napping between chapters.

That’s it for another day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sometimes you just need to nap! and nap and nap! We’ve been there, done that often. What a beautiful view from your van. Looks lovely. Hope you feel more energetic today, Wednesday but only if you want to!

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