A Paddle At Jenner With Lots of Seals and Birds

Tuesday July 21, 2020 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

Today seemed like a good day to go for a paddle so I headed on down to Jenner by the ocean and put my boat into the river.

I decided to head on down towards the river’s mouth into the ocean up ahead a bit. There was high fog but nice.river1


Something off to  my left caught my eye so I went over to have a look. Some turkey vultures were eating something on the ground.vultures2


Not much left of a flattened deer.vulture3


There were some brown pelicans in the water that I went by.pelicans4


I was headed to the mouth up ahead a bit.mouth5


I could see these pelicans on shore by Hay Stack Rockpelicans6


The mouth was open and these seals were resting on the sand there.seals7


There were lots of critters on the sandy beach by  the mouth.critters8


Some pelicans and seals resting on the shore.critters9


Lots of harbor seals resting here.seals10


These brown pelican’s were taking a bath.critters10


I stayed down by the mouth for a good while then headed on back up the river going by the jetty on the way.jetty11


About a mile up river looked like this as I paddled along slowly.river13


This great blue heron was resting in this spot and flew off with a squawk as I passed.heron14


On the way in I passed by this cormorants and merganser ducks resting on the gravel.birds15


And almost back I passed by this egret preening.egret14


I made it back to the boat ramp and loaded my boat and went on home.

I was tired out so only got some chair hopping done and didn’t get around to writing my blog for the day so this is catch up.

Nice day at the river.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    What a beautiful sight-seeing yak you had! So many critters! :)

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