A Paddle at Jenner and Checking On the Steelhead Fishermen At Monte Rio

Friday January 31, 2020 Jenner CA.

Kayaking the river

I was off to the river today as I haven’t been down there in a bit as there’s been some rain showers but today the weather guys said sunny and low wind.


I put the boat in the water at the Jenner boat ramp and headed down river along the island, headed to the river’s mouth area.

Here I’m just getting ready to cross over to the mouth area from the lower end of Penny Island.island


River mouth is open

Lots going on at the mouth with lots of birds and harbor seals. I pulled in by the sandy beach on the left and was watching.mouth2


I was sitting in my boat here watching the waves of the ocean crashing into the shoreline. When all of a sudden the water started a big splash right in front of me right by the end of the sand. I knew what it was.wave


Sea lion fishing

This sea lion just chased a big fish into the shallows to catch and eat it. See the splash off to the left. That’s the big fish and the other thing is the sea lion. There might have been  more than one big fish.beached


Fish on

The sea lion got it’s fish and swam into the deeper water to consume it.fisheat


The river’s mouth is open to the ocean looking out into the ocean.ocean


Ladies yakking

These people in yaks pulled in behind me and I could hear them talking. One of the ladies was giving a report of the time she saw a big sea lion eat a big fish.yakkers


I went over and shot the bull with them for a bit telling them they just missed another sea lion eating a big fish.

I went back to watching the mouth  area and taking it easy.

Harbor seals

There were lots of harbor seals on the sand there.critters


Some  harbor seals resting on the sandy beach.seals


It was a real nice day as I turned and left the mouth area.mouth


Heading in for the day

There were some interesting clouds in the sky as I headed back. They’ll make a real nice sunset.clouds


I headed back to the boat ramp at Jenner and loaded up my kayak on the car.ramp


Monte Rio steelhead fishing

On the way down to Jenner this morning I saw quite a few boat trailers parked in the Monte Rio parking lot so on the way home from Jenner I pulled in and put my boat in the water to see what was going on.

I paddled on down to the slot and shot the bull with those guys for a bit.slot


Darwin got one

Darwin, the guy in the front in this boat had a fish tied to the boat so he was real happy. Otherwise they said the fishing had been slow.darwin


I paddled down the river about a mile.river


Villa Grande Pool

And sat here at the Villa Grande Pool for a bit. I didn’t see anyone fishing here today.villa


The Villa Grande pool is a nice place to sit around in a boat.villa2


Headed on home

I didn’t stay too long as it was getting late in the day so headed on back checking on the fishermen in the boats. No more fish caught so I headed for the boat ramp and headed on home for they day.

When I got home I was fairly beat so I checked on the chickens and then went in the house for a nap and that was it for me today.

Real nice sunny day on the river.

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