A Paddle and a Hike To Indian Rock at Jenner On a Nice Spring Day

Wednesday April 17, 2019 Jenner CA.

Sunny spring day

It seemed like a good day to go down to Jenner for a yak as the wind was supposed to be down a bit so that’s what I did.

Of course I fed the chickens before I left.

Headed up river

I put the boat in the water around 11 and paddled across to Penny Island and pulled into this little channel of the upper end of the island for a bit.Island


From there I paddled on up the river along this shoreline.river2


And along here you can see the wind is down.river3


Looking for the trailhead

I paddled up the river about a mile to a place I call Muskrat and sat for a bit then turned and started my paddle back along here looking for the trial head to Indian Rock as I wanted to hike up to it today.river4


I found the trailhead here and pulled in and tied my boat up. It was high tide and I expected the tide to go to low before I got back.

My boat tied up at the trailhead.shore


The trail up starts up right away and goes through these ferns.ferns7


Old Indian Lady’s Face Rock

Here I’m almost up to the rock but I need a break or two before getting to it.rock8


Need a rest

Once I made it to the bottom of the rock I sat down for a rest here.rocksit9


Rock views

Once I was rested up I walked up to the top of the rock for a view.

This was up river from the top of Indian rock.upriver11


And this was down river from Indian Rock.downriver12


I sat around and enjoyed the view and the sunshine for some time.

Different route back down

Going back down the hill I decided to go through the trees up ahead just to take a different way back down.trees13


Animal trail

You can only get through this area if you know where the trail goes more or less. The trail is used by wild animals and most of it isn’t easy to follow.

Going through the trees headed down.ferntrees112


The trail is straight ahead through there.trail13


Head over heals

The dirt in this area has a bit of blue clay in it. When it’s a bit wet like now it’s very slippery so coming down this last steep little bit I slipped and fell in the bushes which meant I was up to my ears in poison oak. Lucky I don’t catch the stuff.

You can see the slippery trail right up the middle there and it’s much steeper than it looks in the photo. I just came down it head over heals.slide14


Back to the boat

Once I got up out of the bushes I could see my boat was still there and the tide had going out. Always good to find ones boat still there when returning from a hike.boat15


I paddled on back down along the shoreline stopping here for a break before continuing on in for the day.logs15


That was a nice paddle and hike.

Once home I puttered around a bit then pulled some weeds and finished turning over the dirt in the garden I started turning yesterday.

That was it for me today.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Looks like a great day for a yak and a hike. What beautiful views up there at Old Lady Rock. It could be Old Man Rock too, teehee.
    Too bad about your tumble but it proves you can still do a somersault! :)

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