A Nice Paddle and A Walk in a New Place Looking for Blackberries to Eat

Thursday July 7, 2016 Jenner CA.

Looks like a nice day on the river

I headed on down to Jenner this morning. It was a bit overcast and foggy, but clearing with little wind as I put my boat in the water.

I paddled across the river to Penny island and sat in this spot for a good spell just watching things.jenner


When I finally moved, I went up along Penny Island and pulled into the little channel there on the upper end.island


I pulled into this little channel and sat.channel


I could see these ducks from where I was sitting in my boat.ducks


I need to explore this spot some more looking for berries

As I looked across the river I was thinking I should go to shore across the river here and look for berries later in the day. It’s a place I haven’t explored much.truck


Birds on the logs

Eventually I started heading up the river along it’s south shoreline. There’s usually a bunch of birds sitting on the logs just up ahead.birdlog


There were some cormorants there doing some resting and preening.cormorants


And these merganser ducks woke up as I approached but didn’t fly off.gamsers


As I paddled on up the river I could see the cattle across the river by the river’s edge and up in the hills.cattle


Rested at the Grotto

I paddled up the river to this spot at the Grotto on the right.river


The wind had come up a little so I sat in  here for a good spell napping a bit.grotto


After a good rest, I started back down the river headed to the berry picking spot I was looking at earlier.

I went past the bird logs again. By now the birds are getting use to me so they didn’t pay  me much attention as I passed along the shoreline.jennerbirds


Looking for berries on some new trails

I pulled into this spot across from the upper end of Penny island and went to shore to look for berries.grass


The  trail sucked me in

There weren’t many blackberries, so I had to look around and got on this good animal trail that went into the willow trees. It sucked  me in as the further I went the more interesting the trail became. It was headed up the river along the banks in the trees.trail


I stumbled onto this old wooden gate post out in the brush with some timbers on the ground and I wondered what they might have been used for in olden times. No telling what might be hidden in all the brush down here.gatepost


Nice little walk

I found a few blackberries to eat, but not many. I had a nice little walk pushing through the brush looking for old animal trails for about an hour or so.

Then I climbed back in my boat at this spot and headed on in to the boat ramp for the day.boat


Puttering and investigating the new engine for the van project

Once home I puttered around in the yard and did some watering.

I also sat in my van and studied how I’m going to do some things to install a new engine. I’m getting close to ordering the new engine. I think I mostly have it all figured out, at least enough to get started on the job.

That was my day for another nice one.

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