A Little Work But Mostly Just Enjoying the Day

Saturday July 11, 2020 Port Orford Oregon

Electrical work

Yesterday I worked on Rene’s electrical in the garage. As you remember he fired his electrical guy and I was helping him get all the wires and circuits hooked up which looked like this.wiring


Testing our work

Rene picked up the last electrical box we needed so I hooked up that last box then we turned it all on and tested things to see if they worked.

There was some concern about if I wired the three way light switches right or not but once I got Rene measuring things properly it all worked so we buttoned things up which looked like this.wall


Today, just enjoying the day

Today I’m mostly taking it easy in my camp spot mostly enjoying the nice day. Here’s where I’ve been camped. Nice spot.camp


A bit of yard work

We are working on getting Rene’s yard mowed and have this  much done so far. He waited a bit too long to get this done and the weeds are tall and thick but the mower seems to be doing a good job on them.mowing


Rest of the day

Steve is supposed to come by this evening and I’m going to help  him put in a small fence around a vegetable garden he’s planting.

Then I will drive the couple of  miles to Port Orford and use the library’s internet connection for a bit to see what the rest of the world is up to.

Having a nice day.

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One Response to A Little Work But Mostly Just Enjoying the Day

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You are keeping busy on this adventure. :)
    Glad to hear you are taking a day to relax here and there.

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