A Jenner Paddle and a Day Puttering Around the Yard

Friday and Saturday June 23, 24, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Day at Jenner Paddling

I headed on down to Jenner to kayak for the day. It was overcast and the wind was down, so off I paddled down along Penny Island.river


I headed on down to the river’s mouth. It’s still open.mouth


There were harbor seals in the water swimming around while I paddled.seal


These cormorants started to get nervous as I approached and flew off.cors


I pulled into this spot and sat for a bit watching things. The mouth is open off to the right.sitspot


Across from me were a bunch of harbor seals resting on the sand.alert


After awhile I started to paddle back up the river and went by these geese and the gull.geese


I headed on up the island back channel and pulled into this spot for a rest and a sit.slot


And then moved up to this cove by Candee’s place.cove


Not far from that spot, I put ashore here to check for berries to eat.biat


I was a bit early for blackberries, but I did find some ripe salmon berries.berries


I put back in the water and paddled a little further up the river to this big log I pulled in behind.log


From there I headed on in towards the boat ramp and went past these mallard ducks taking it easy.duckies


I stopped here where I could see the boat ramp and waited for some other boaters to clear the ramp and then went on in for the day.jenner


Once I got home I couldn’t get it going and tried to nap and decided to just go to bed early which I did.

Saturday June 24

A day of puttering

I decided to putter around the yard today. That dead tree and some other trees needed to be cut out of this spot as they are over growing it, so I got  the chain saw out.work


I cleaned that up and called it good for now.work2


A thought on the broken chain saw

I had a thought on this old chain saw I’ve been trying to get running for a couple years now. I thought maybe the muffler was plugged up so I pulled it off, but it wasn’t so I put it back on.saw


I spent most of the day puttering around the yard puling some weeds and cutting some blackberry vines.

Digging up potatoes

Towards evening I decided to dig up some potatoes from my potato patch which I did.potatoes


That was my day.

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