A Hike, Paddling Windy Garrison Lake and a Steelhead Dinner

Wednesday September 5, 2019 Garrison Lake Port Orford Oregon

Started the day with a walk

Today I started out walking around the property where I was staying.

Here’s where I camped last night.camp


Checking out a spring

I wanted to check out a spring area I saw the other day. A small stream ran up the hill by the house that was there so I headed for that.

It’s a pretty lush area with lots of stuff growing in the forest.lush


I had to work  my way up through all the stuff as it was thick. This is the ravine I was going up to look for the spring.ravine


Spring area

The spring turned out to be a small stream that continued up the hill. I didn’t know where the property lines where so I didn’t go any further than this. They used the barrels to collect the water. There were some real old pipes here so this water was used for a long time on the original places that were here. It’s not being used now.water



I took another way back just to explore the property a bit going through here.trail


After that walk I went back to the van for a cup of coffee then went over to Steve’s place.

The ocean

We were thinking of doing some perch fishing  soon so we drove over to Paradise beach to see how things looked. ocean


Kayaking Garrison Lake

Then we drove on over to Garrison Lake to go kayaking for the day. It was a bit windy but we went anyway. Here we are at one of the launch areas getting ready to go yakking.parked


We passed by this boat where these deer were getting something to eat.deer


Windy day

Some places the wind wasn’t too bad as we paddled around the lake.lake


Some places the wind was a bit worse as we paddled along.steve


We cut it short as with the wind we had already had a good work out.

Here we are heading in for the day.in


Even though we had a short paddle we got a good work out with the wind blowing like it was.

Steelhead for dinner

We drove on back to Steve’s house where he cooked up some frozen steelhead fish he caught last winter. It was very good. Yummy.

While Steve was cooking I worked on computers some more and made some progress and got one of them going and started the long process of it getting all it’s updates which would take quite some time.

That was it for another nice day in Port Orford.

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