A Good Day To Be Paddling On the Russian River Estuary

Thursday July 8, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Kayak day

I was off to kayak the Russian River Estuary today around noon.

There was a bit of fog waffling around so I decided to paddle on up the river about a mile to where that fog is trying to sneak over the hill, but it didn’t.river1



Looking down river it was a bit foggier.jenner3


I stopped and talked with these two people  from Phoenix Ar. for a bit. They were enjoying some sit time on the shoreline.fog2


On up the river

I continued my paddle on up the river at my slow pace.river4


I was headed to this spot by the big rock there to just sit in my boat and enjoy the day for a bit.river5


My view from that spot looking at the birds across the river from me.birds6


And my view looking back down the river. It looks like the fog moved out down that way.rock7


What’s that

As I was sitting there some movement and noise caught my attention in the tree by me. I looked.bushes9


There were several wild pigeons eating duel berries and they weren’t too concerned with my presence.pigeon8


Going to shore

Eventually I started on back down the river but when I got to this spot I decided to go ashore as I hadn’t been ashore in this spot for a few years now and it was an interesting place.shore10


Short hike

The trail up the side of the hill was pretty overgrown but I made it up to this spot in the trees where I sat down and enjoyed the day for awhile.view11


After a good break I walked back to my boat and then along the rocky shoreline just checking things out.beach12


I continued on down the river to Jenner but stopped here in this spot for awhile.jenner13


Not today

I was sorta thinking of continuing my paddle on down to the river’s mouth especially as I crossed over to the boat ramp, but instead settled for this last view looking down that way.river14


I loaded my boat on my car at the boat ramp and went on home for the day for a nice nap.

The rest of the day I spent chair hopping and just taking it easy in the yard until it started to get dark when I went on in.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to A Good Day To Be Paddling On the Russian River Estuary

  1. John says:

    Bob, the “big rock” is called Paddee’s Rock

    • bob says:

      I got you on this one. Paddee’s rock is across the river from this smaller one of which I’ve never heard it called anything but a rock. It’s one I like to sit behind as it’s a out of the wind area. A lot of people think it’s Patti’s rock. I bet Paddee knew about the deep fishing hole off to it’s side. and maybe that’s how it got it’s name? Any idea’s on the name?

  2. Barb in Florida says:

    Hi Bob ~
    I enjoyed your paddle & nice day.

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