A day on Lake Garrison, Ore.

The sun was shining today for a change so I went up and looked at the Elk River first and it was flowing faster than I wanted to paddle back up, so I passed on that one and went over to check out the Sixes River. It was flowing fast too, so I went up river to the Edson creek put in and found Steve there fishing in his boat. He hadn’t caught anything yet. I looked for awhile and decided to go back down to the lake I was looking at the day before in Port Orford called Garrison lake. It turned out the be a nice lake to paddle, right next to the ocean. I spent several hours on it going around the shore line just looking around. Talked to a guy who fishing it regularly. Said he caught a big bass a couple days ago, but was hooking trout today, three so far. So, that was my day, pooped me out out, took a nap when I got home to Arizona Beach Lodge. Not doing good on pics for this yet, but hope to improve on that eventually when I get things more in order.

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