A Crawfish Feast and We Head Out A Forest Road To Camp For the Night.

Sunday September 26, 2021 Troy Oregon


We woke at Wildcat Creek this morning and got it going.

Then we went down to the pool in the creek and puled the two crawfish traps.

We had about two times more crawfish than last time, over a hundred this time.crayfish1


Once we got the traps and stuff put away I followed Marty’s van down the road headed to the bridge at the Grande Ronde so Marty could fish a bit.road1


Bull elk

Marty stopped for a bit before moving on and I was wondering what’s up when he said on the radio, did I see the bull elk on the hillside. No, I didn’t but when I looked I did see the bull elk.elk1


It was a nice looking bull elk alright. Marty said he had some females with him that he saw.elk


Fishing away

Marty made it to the bridge and tried doing some fishing with no luck.fishing5


Cooking the crawfish

While he was fishing I steamed up the crawfish for later.crawdads6


Marty moved down the river a bit to try this spot with no luck. I said I was going to Troy to do my internet stuff and would meet him at Grizzly flat where he could fish some more.marty7


Wenaha Bar and Cafe

I pulled into Troy and parked at the bath house and did my internet stuff.troy


Then I drove the short distance to Grizzly Flat where I found Marty who had caught a fish for later.

Crawfish feast

We ate all the crawfish. They taste sorta like shrimp or small  lobster sorta and are very good eating.eating9


Leaving the Troy area

We sat around Grizzly flat for  most of the afternoon then decided to take a forest road over the hills leaving Troy to continued our adventure headed south a bit down highway 84 to a place called Durkee and into Burnt River Canyon.

This was our last view of the Grande Ronde River as we left Grizzly Flat looking up river from Troy.river10


Fire breaks

We traveled this Forest road where they were logging to make fire breaks along the road.logs12


44 Spring

We went by 44 Spring on the way and stopped to fill up our water supply. It’s called 44 Spring because the water temperature is always 44 degrees F.spring11



We continued driving until we got to this overlook I recognized and pulled into camp on this spot for the night.camp



We watched the sun go down.sunset


This road takes us to a place called Elgin which is on the way to Highway 84 where we will go tomorrow.

Not sure about internet access as we’ll be out in the boonies a bit.

Nice day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bob. . . Could you have Marty call me when you guys get a cell lock. I want to tell him the heart monitor results. No emergency but I want to let him know. Thank you.
    Lots of crawdads . . . YUMMMM!


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