A Cool Day to Get A Little Work Done In the Raspberry Patch

Monday March 16, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Cold day

Once I got it going to day I went outside to tend the chickens feed and water. I didn’t last long as it was cold out with no sun yet.

So I went back in the house and tried to get out again later but it was still too cold and my legs where chilly so I went back in the house and put some more clothes on under my other ones and tried again.

This time I was ok so I got the chainsaw out to trim some plum trees that were shading part of the raspberry patch.

I cut the part of the tree off that was doing most of the shading.tree


But now I had a big mess to clean up so I got to it cutting up the wood for firewood and hauling the brush to a brush pile.cutup


I took my time and did a lot of sitting and got it all done.garden


I got a little firewood out of the deal.wood


I put the tools away and spent the rest of the day napping and sitting in the yard just taking it easy as that’s what kind of day it was.

Nice day to get a little work done and I did. :O)

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