A Cold, Mulch Poop and Chicken Run Panel Construction

Saturday May 26, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Feels like I’ve caught a cold

Yesterday if felt like I might be getting a cold and this morning when  I got up I was sure of it so I was slowed down a bit today.

Poop in the mulch

The first part of the day I just chair hopped and did some planning for the next panels I had to  make. I’m enclosing a mulch area that I want to let the chickens into to feed and I plan to feed the chickens grown stuff in this area to help keep their run cleaner and it would be good to have their poop in my mulch.

Panel construction cutting rebar

Later in the day I did get it going and cut rebar for several panels I need to construct.

Here’s the cut rebar ready to be welded up.cutrebar


Panel welding

I saved the welding until last as it’s the hardest on my back. I did get this panel mostly welded up and now need to weld a door in it, but that will wait until tomorrow as I ran out of light today. This one is more complicated than the other ones I’ve made as it has to hook a 6 foot high fence to a 7 foot high one so I have some weird angles to make which makes measuring thing a bit harder, but I got it.welding


It was almost dark when I got that done so that was it for me today.

Nice day, didn’t work too hard.

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