A Bit of Fog While Kayaking the Sixes River In Oregon

Friday February 2, 2018 Port Orford Oregon

The mouth of the Sixes River

It looked like the Sixes River was fogged in this morning as I drove to the Hughes House launch area. It was also high tide so the water was backed up and more like a lake.

Shallow gravel bar

I put the boat in and headed up the river to get out through the shallows and then turned down towards the mouth as I wanted to see what it looked like. 

This is looking up the river from the launch area. The water is too shallow on the left to paddle so I have to go up along here until I get to some deeper water to get out into the main river which is way over on the left side.sixes1


I paddled down along here. The fog was light and I was hoping it would soon clear off.river2


Honking geese

There were a lot of geese in the area, honking away as I approached. Here’s some of the geese.geese3


I continued on down the river. I could hear the ocean waves breaking on the beach up ahead in the fog.river4


These two geese up on top of this big rock were honking a lot as I approached and eventually flew off.geese5


River’s open mouth

This was my view of the open mouth and into the ocean.mouth6


I wanted to land and and have a walk around, but the waves coming into the mouth were breaking on the beach so I retreated back up the river a little ways to find a calmer beach and landed here.boat7


I walked down around the mouth area going through here and then back to my boat.walk8


Paddling back up the river

Once I was back in my boat I paddled across the river and went up this side.upriver9


I made it back to the launch area and decided to continue up the river to the first turn about a half mile of so.

Fogs lifting

At the turn I stopped and sat in my boat and watched from this spot looking back down the river. The fog is starting to lift.turn10


I watched this female merganser duck drift down the river in front of me.ganser11


And a few minutes later this male merganser drifted by.ganser12


Beautiful day

I moved down river just a bit and sat here and watched. Most of the fog has burned off by now.sit13


The fog was gone and the wind was down as I paddled on back down the river.river13


Here I’m just pulling into the boat launch area below the Hughes House.ramp14


Resting up

I loaded my boat and then pulled on down the road about a quarter  mile and pulled off and ate and rested up for a few hours.

Around 4, I headed  to Port Orford and drove on down to the harbor to have a look. I spent about an hour at the harbor and then drove on  back to Steve’s place for the night.

The plan tomorrow is to go up to the road a ways and put in at another river and do some crabbing. It’s a new area I haven’t been in before so it should be an interesting day.

Nice day.

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