A Big Tree, a Spring, and a Case of Wine

Thursday April 13, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Big tree removal

I’ve been thinking about that last big tree across the road up in the hills that needed to be removed, so today, I gassed and oiled the chainsaw and jumped on the quad and rode on up into the hills.

Wild flowers

On the way, I noticed the sorrel is blooming nicely. I can see a lot more wild flowers are also going to be blooming soon.sorrel1


I took the quick way up to where the tree was, going up the road on the left.roads2


Big fir tree

Once at the big fir log, I studied the situation to make sure the log wouldn’t get me when I cut it and it fell.tree3


I cut from this side as I thought the top of the tree would roll to the left, but it didn’t. It didn’t roll at all. logs4



I made three cuts and none of the log rolled. Things were mostly stuck.flowers5


Another cut and the log fell to the ground, but not the top of the tree.logs6


Stuck top

The top of the tree didn’t roll as it’s big limbs are embedded in the ground, so it’s stuck there which is ok with me. I just wanted to get it off the road to get by.limbs9


I rolled the smaller logs off the road, just enough to get by with a jeep.logs7


Once I had the road cleared, I sat down for a break and ate the orange on the log.saw8


After a good break I rode on up the road as I knew of one other thing that needed cutting, a snag.

Sticks and rocks

But first I stopped at several places to throw sticks and rocks off the road.rocks9


I hopped back on the quad and rode on through here.sticks10



I rode by this spring. It’s been disconnected all winter, so with most of the winter rains done, I hooked the black pipe back up to it. Of course I got a drink of water first.spring11



From there I made it to this snag hanging in the middle of the road and cut it down and got it off the road.snag12


Enough exercise

That was enough work for one day and I was a bit tired out.

Case of good wine

When I got back home I found this case of wine. My brother Barry had made this wine, he’s real good at it. He told me the other day he’d give me a case.wine13


So, I went in the house and had a glass. Very good stuff.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    There’s an art to cutting logs and not getting hurt. You obviously have it down!!! Lucky you … that’s a nice box of wine!!!!

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