1967 Chevy Van Engine Compartment Seal Install and a Handle For My Fan

Tuesday August 8, 2023 Guerneville CA.

1967 Engine compartment seal installation

I’d purchased a some new stuff to use as a seal for my van’s engine compartment which is also called he doghouse.

Today, I decided to get the job done. I was going to take this one off the bottom and put the new seal on it,…………But.seal1


Plan change

At the last moment, I changed my mind and decided to install it on the top cover as it looked like it would be much easier to install and it sure was.cover


This is the cover and  the new seal with some glue. As it was, I didn’t use the glue as it didn’t’ need it as the new seal slipped over the metal lip and held nicely without any glue.cover2


I pressed the new seal on with  my hands and went over it a second time to make sure it was seated well. The scissors came with the new seal and were used to cut the seal to size.

Seal installed

The new seal is installed on the engine cover.sealed3


All adjusted and done

Here’s the finished product. It looks good and I think it will work well.installed4


Video of installing the new seal

I took video clips while I was doing this and put together a video of the process.


Break time and up to a neighbor’s place

After a good break, I decided to take a ride up to a neighbors that needed some help tapping their old spring.

I arrived up here, but no one was home except for the dogs.car


I was careful getting out of the car. The black dog was ok, but the brown one was a bit more aggressive, so I kept a close watch on that one.

Up to the spring

We headed on up to the spring area up by all those water tanks he just installed.dogs6



This was the view from up there. My house is down in the valley, straight ahead, about a mile out.view5


I had a look at his spring that we need to fix up. It’s in a good spot to tap. note all the big slugs in there that we need to keep out with the new tap and I’ll likely pull all that wood out. We need to make this tap sanitary.spring


Just about the time I was headed back to my car the people drove on in, in their car.

That was good timing. We had a good chat and made some plans for them to gather the materials we need to do the job at a later time.

I drove on down the hill and went to town to do some shopping for vittles.

My fan needs a handle

My Fantastic fan needed a handle so I took it apart and drilled two holes in the top of it to install a wire handle so I can hang it up to use it.fan8


I found a piece of wire and some washers and installed it tying knots in the ends to hold the wire from pulling out. The washers are to make sure the plastic case doesn’t break.washers9


All done and now I can screw the fan parts back on. That should work out well. I only use this fan when it gets real hot when I travel. It doesn’t draw a lot of battery power and blows real good, even on low. It’s the van’s only air conditioner.handle10


I spent the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard, taking it easy and enjoying the day, as a retired person should.

Nice day.

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