Fertilizing My Strawberries and Blueberries With Stinky Fish Stuff

Friday October 15, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Hadn’t planned to do much today

I got it going and took care of the chicken’s needs and did some chair hopping as I didn’t have anything planned for the day.


Eventually I figured I better put this fish emulsion out. Some animal ate a small hole in the gallon container while I was away on the trip.

It was leaking out of the jug slowly but worse than that the stuff stunk.

So I poured the fish emulsion into these two buckets and added water.fishstuff


Picking strawberries

I wanted to fertilize these strawberry plants and the blueberry plants also but I figured I better harvest the strawberries first as that stinky fish stuff would likely ruin them.berries


So I got a bag and picked all the strawberries.starwberries


I put the bag of strawberries in the freezer.picked


Then I got the buckets of fish stuff and the watering can and filled the can up.fishmix


I fertilized all the strawberry plants and all the blueberries plants too.blueberries


After that it was back to chair hopping and enjoying the day.

Gas stove repairs

The lady neighbor who I was helping figure out why her gas oven was going out called so I went over to have a look. She said the oven wouldn’t stay lit and her pie was almost ruined before she moved it to another oven, so I fired it up and had a look.

I made a couple of adjustments but eventually figured out the afternoon winds were likely blowing out her pilot light as a lit pilot light is what keeps the oven going. She likes to run the oven with the door open so maybe that is the problem.

I tested the oven out and cycled it and it worked ok maybe because the wind was down. I advised her to try it again and if it went out to shut the door and try it again.

After that I went back home and let the chickens into the front yard and chair hopped around with them until it was time to come in for the day.

Nice day.

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River’s Mouth is Closed Paddling Jenner CA.

Thursday October 14, 2021 Jenner CA.

Paddle at Jenner

I hadn’t been paddling for quite some time and the wind was down today so off I went about 11 to Jenner.

I put in my boat and paddled across the river to Penny Island and paddled into this little slot at the top end of the island where I like to sit and watch.island1


Nice spot

This is the view from the slot. It was real peaceful so I stayed there sitting in my boat for about an hour.slot2


Sit spot

Eventually I paddled down the back channel of the island and stopped in this spot for awhile.logs3


Watch spot

Then I moved on down to the bottom end of the island and sat in this spot for about an hour.river4


Lots of birds to watch

I watched the birds up ahead., mostly pelicans and gulls.birds5


I paddled on over closer to the birds.pelicans6


Bathing pelicans

These pelicans just came off the ocean where they’d been feeding this morning and are now in fresh water so they bathe likely washing out the salt.bathing7


Here you can see some pelicans really going at the bathing, splashing the fresh water all over.bath8


Diving ducks

These ducks were diving around me going down for something to eat.ducks10


River’s mouth is closed

I paddled into the closed river mouth to have a look. The ocean was beating on the cement jetty where the river usually runs into the ocean. With the mouth closed the river is dammed up so it’s like a big lake.ocean11


After awhile of sitting at the closed mouth I turned and started my short journey back up the river.river11


I paddled back along the island’s North side taking it slow and easy.river12


Boat ramp

And made it back to the boat ramp around five and loaded up my boat.ramp13


Gas stove repairs

Back home I had a little nap then went over to a neighbor’s to see what was wrong with her gas stove as it wouldn’t stay lit. I worked on it for a bit and fixed it maybe. She will try it out tomorrow and see how it bakes or not.

Nice day.

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