Kayaking With Ray, Seasick and a Bald Headed Eagle

Tuesday January 22, 2019 Jenner CA.

Ray and I kayak Jenner

I met Ray at the Jenner boat ramp this morning to go for a yak. We put our boats in the water and headed down towards the open river’s mouth area. It was high tide and the river was muddy from the recent rains. It looked to be a nice day and it was.river1


Salvage stuff

Lots of stuff comes down the river when the water comes up. Here’s someone’s dock that got away and floated down the river. It seems to have a rope snagged on the river’s bottom here that’s why it’s still here and not out in the ocean someplace.dock2


Swells make me seasick

We are headed down to the river’s mouth where the river goes into the ocean.. See that swell just in front of me. Not good for a person who gets seasick easily like me, especially looking through the camera.river2


Getting sick

The mouth is wide open and with the high tide the oceans waves are coming into the river making the swells. That’s the mouth out there and I’m not getting too close as I’m getting sick instead.mouth2


We didn’t stay long and headed across and up along this side passing by this little table that got away from someone up river.table7


Anything coming down the river is open for salvage if one wants it, but we didn’t.  I was starting to feel a bit better but once it hits it stays for quite some time but not as bad.

Rest at Penny Island

Ray and I sat over in this area for a bit which is the lower end of Penny Island where we mostly got out of the swells but even here there were still some.ray8


We paddled up the back channel of the island and saw this thing up ahead which turned out to be someone’s old zodiac. The river is also a dump for people’s junk that is old and worn out that they want to get rid of.zodi9


Eagle takes off

We continued on up the river along it’s south side and saw an eagle land in the big trees here but it took off as we approached.river10


Ray is looking up into the big a trees to see if he can spot any more birds but he didn’t.ray11


We continued working our way up to this spot I call Muskrat where these mallard ducks where resting. They took off and we rested there instead.ducks12


Down the river

From there we crossed over the river to the other side to see what we could see. The river’s current was enough we didn’t have to paddle much as we were now gong down the river.

There were some geese along the way.geese13


Is that an eagle

This is the view of Jenner from the area of Paddy’s rock. Is that an eagle up ahead in the water?jenner14


Sure was and it stayed put as we approached. It seemed to be taking a bath.eagle15


The wind came up a bit about this time and it was blowing my boat around making it hard to get pics of the eagle, but I kept trying anyway.eagle16


Male mergansers are here

We continued down along the side of the river. This time of the year the male merganser ducks show up to mate. They are gone someplace else most other times of the year and only the females are here. One female and four male ducks.ducks15


We headed on in to the boat ramp and pulled our boats out and went on home for the day.

Using the new camera

This is the second day I used my new Panasonic video camera. I use it to take stills. I like some things about it and something’s I don’t. It seems to take pretty good pictures but is a lot slower than my other cameras. Its seems to have a better automatic focus then the other cameras. Cameras have a hard time focusing on black so the ducks above came out pretty good with the new camera. I guess I’ll keep it.

Wi-Fi extender arrives

When I got home I went to the mail box as my new Wi-Fi extender was supposed to arrive and it was in the box so I looked at that a bit and set it up which was fairly easy and I’m now trying it out on my chicken camera. The extender seems to be doing the job but I want to try it in some other modes to see what works out best.

That was  my day for a good one.

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Windy So No Yak and Automatic Gate Repairs

Monday January 21, 2019 Russian River CA.

A bit too windy to kayak

Today I was planning to kayak so once I got it going and after feeding the chickens I drove on down to Jenner to yak for the day.

As I approached Jenner I could see the wind was up a bit. Maybe not a good day to yak.

As I was turning into the boat ramp Ray was doing the same. He’d just been down to the overlook to check things out.

We both pulled in by the boat ramp and shot the bull for a bit while watching these two ladies exercise their dogs which were having a blast.jenner1


Work at the post office

Ray headed on home and I went over to the post office to see what these guys were up to as they were making a lot of noisework

It turned out they were digging up the post office parking lot as when it rains it gets several inches of water sitting on it. The guy said it was because the drain which goes under the cement to the river was sloped up instead of down so the drain was installed wrong last time the parking spot was made.

Here’s looking up river from the parking lot.upriver2


Ocean overlook

From there I drove on down to the local overlook just past the town of Jenner at the mouth of the river.

Here’s looking up river from the overlook. Lots of people looking today.overlook6


Here’s looking North up along the Pacific ocean. The ocean has sanded in that whole area in back of the big rock which is called Haystack Rock. Eventually the river will wash the sand back out into the ocean but it might take a year or so but it will. Such is the cycle. The river is high and muddy from the recent rains so it’s chocolate and you can see how far it goes out into the ocean.ocean


Good for the fish

The muddy water helps protect the spawning fish coming into the river. It’s the only time the fish are safe from predators.

Predators like these harbor seals resting on the beach.seals7


The ocean was at high tide and pretty rough today. Some birds resting down there on the sand to the right of the open mouth.birds8


Here’s looking over the river to Goat Rock in the ocean from the overlook.goatrock4


River’s open mouth

With the recent rains the river is really flowing and the river’s mouth is real wide right now looking out into the ocean through the river’s mouthmouthwide9


One last look and I headed for home.jetty9


I stopped at the Monte Rio boat ramp on the way home to have a look. It’s a bit muddy right now, I’ll have to bring my shovel if I plan to yak here.rioramp10


Back home I let the chickens out to graze and made myself a cup of coffee.

Then I put another coat of paint under the kitchen sink.paint11


Main gate repairs

I noticed when I tried to use the remote to go through my automatic gate it didn’t work this morning. The manual push buttons worked though so there was something wrong with the remote stuff and I suspected the antenna. The controls are in the box on the left.gate12


I opened the antenna up and found it full of water as it’d turned upside down and filled up and shorted out.

I have another one in the garage so I installed it and all was well.

Here’s the control box. Good to have that fixed and out of the way.gatecontros13


Learning to use my wireless camera

I messed around a bit with my new wireless camera. It’s been slow and I’ve been having problems keeping it on. I discovered it’s been recording videos all the time for some reason which was hogging the network as it’s not fast enough to keep up as it’s a poor connection as I’m too far away. I turned the video recording off and things are working better but I still need to improve the wireless signal. I ordered an extender for my network last night and it is supposed to come in Tuesday, tomorrow, so I’ll have more stuff to play with. If this thing works as advertised it should improve wireless in the rest of my yard too. We’ll see. Like many of these things the manual could do with a bit of improving. I’ll figure it out though, it just takes longer.

These four chickens snook through the gate when it was open for a bit before I could stop them. They can’t hurt much so I let them do their thing tearing up the ground. :O)chicks14


It wasn’t long before the day started to cool down so I locked the chickens up for the night and went on in for the day.

That was if for  me today. Nice day.

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