Hard Showers, Visitors and Prepping for Some Fruit Tree Planting

Friday February 15, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Hard showers on and off

The rains were slowing down a bit. Today it was just showers, hard showers on and off all day and still tonight. The kind that when the shower starts  it comes down hard and you’re going to get wet before you can get under some cover. And after a short time the rain just stops until next time.

Barry comes by

Just as I got it going there was a knock at the door. It was my brother Barry so I chatted with him for a bit before he took off up into the hills for a motorcycle ride after a bit of work he had to do at our rental property.

More visitors

Just before he left Ken and his wife Janice showed up for some eggs. We chatted for awhile then they were headed to the state park for a walk in the big trees.

Need to plant some fruit trees

I needed to get the three apricot trees I got from my brother the other day planted soon before my trip. The ground is real wet and it’s going to be muddy digging it up for the trees. That will wait until tomorrow. Today I just want to get things prepped for the planting.

First thing that happened is the heavy potted trees got put out in the spots I thought they ought to be planted. I moved them around a bit.

Here’s two of them.chickens


And the third one I’m putting over here.tree


Rounding up some mulch

I decided to haul a wheelbarrow of mulch to each tree for when I dig a hole to plant the tree. I will mix the mulch in with the soil I put back in the hole.

Here is the first wheelbarrow of mulch I hauled over. The chickens were right on it.chickpile


It showered once or twice raining hard so I had to stop and take cover for a few minutes under some big trees.

Cleaning up

Here’s where I was loading up the mulch stuff from my driveway. At least the driveway gets cleaned up this way otherwise I’d just leave all the leave stuff and not clean it up. :O)drive


I pushed the wheelbarrow through this area by my daffodils. The daffs don’t wait they bloom in the rain.mulch


Chickens love mulch

Here’s a load of mulch ready to be dumped and the chickens can’t wait to get into it.chicks


Once dumped they were in it.mulchpile


Feed to the fed shack

Another task today was to get the chicken feed I bought the other day into the feed shed so I packed each sack in and tidied up a bit.feed


I also spent some time prepping the old van for a trip packing food stuff into it

Just sitting around

After all the work and at the end of the day I sat in the drive with the daffodils unit it got dark.

That was my day, another nice one.

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Big Storm Blows the Chicken Coop Roof Off and Some Flooding In Guerneville

Thursday February 14, 2019 Guerneville CA.

8 inches of rain over night

That big rain storm came in last night and the wind howled. I was watching my camera in the chicken coop when all of a sudden the pipe tube feeders went horizontal which meant a big gust of wind just hit the coop area.

Part of the roof blew off

I knew I had two steel panels not fastened down properly so I went outside to see if they were still on the roof or not. Or not won.

The two panels I didn’t have fastened down good blew off and were on the ground. I checked the chickens and they were still in their roost, but there was no roof above them and they were getting wet so I messed with the sheets and got them back over the chickens and hoped no more wind gusts like that happened again during this storm. That was around two AM if I remember right. It was raining good and everything was a bit muddy and wet but I got er done.

When I checked the rain bucket in the morning it showed just over 8 inches of rain fell last night from that storm and still more coming.

Fixing up the roof panels on the chicken coop

First job today was to get that roof fixed up properly. So I removed the two loose sheets and riveted them together to make them long enough. I had put screws in there originally but pop rivets work much better.

Here’s the two  metal sheets I’m putting the pop rivets into.steelroof


Pop pity pop

A close up view of the pop rivet work.rivets


Fastened the sheets down good

I put those sheets back up and screwed and wired them down then repaired a couple other sheets while in the process.

That should do it.

Plenty of mud just dirt

Here’s what happens when a chicken jumps up on your knee when it’s real muddy out.dirt


I let it dry out and then it brushed off mostly on it’s own. Just dirt.

Motorcycle to check out the flooding in Guerneville

After the work I decided to take the motorcycle up to the ridge top to see what I could see of the flooding down near the town of Guerneville.

I had to stop once in awhile to move small trees off the road on the way up.cleared


Getting a bit wet

It rained lightly on my ride all the way up the hill and I was hoping it’d stop when I got to the ridge top as it’s all out in the open and not under the trees like my ride up the hill.

I got on the ridge top and rode on down to the end where the overlook is located just up ahead. And I was lucky as the rain stopped for bit.road1


Town of Guerneville with flood waters

Looking over the ridge to Guerneville it looked like this. You can see the flood water is right up to the edge of town.guerneville


A little better shot of the flood water.flooded


I took a different route back down the hill going through here. Lots of water flowing down the hill because of last night’s rain.water


I rode on through this road headed for our water tanks at the bottom.road3


This is the creek that flows by our water tanks.creek


Checking the water tanks

The water tanks are full and over flowing as they should be.tanks


I continued on headed back home down through this road.road4


Wood chips on the coop mud

Once home and after a break I went back out to the chicken’s pen to see what I could do about some of the mud  in there from having such a leaky roof last night. A wheelbarrow full of wood chips helped out a little, but it won’t take the chickens long to mix all the wood chips back in with the mud so it’ll be back to mud soon.

More rain coming tonight but not as big as last night.

That was my day working and having some fun too.

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