Helping Tom Fix His Potato Harvester and Burning Out My Smoker

Monday August 13, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Fixing my brother’s potato harvester

I was rounding up the tools and supplies I needed for the jobs I planned to do today.

But before I could get to work on them, my brother Tom came by and needed some help with his potato harvester. It seems he backed up when he shouldn’t have and bent the drive shaft that runs it and now couldn’t get the bent shaft off the harvester to repair it.

Here’s Tom working on it.harvester


Potato harvester

This is the potato harvester. It hooks on the back of his tractor and pulls the potatoes out of the ground and and shakes the dirt off them and puts them back on the ground to pick up.rig


I got my big hammer and helped him remove it.

Here’s part of the bent shaft.sheild


We got the part off and then tried to fix it in his shop but needed the tools over in my shop so we went over there to work on it.

Tom’s shop

Tom in his shop, slightly cleaner than my shop.tom


This shaft was bent, but there was enough of it to cut it shorter and reattach it to the U joint which took a bit of doing.rod


Got er fixed

It took some time but we kept working on it and we got it fixed. He went over to try it out and came back whistling so all was well.

I needed a break after that. All the supervising wore me out. :O)

Burning out the smoker

I rounded up the parts for my smoker and hooked up the gas as I wanted to burn it out to clean it up a bit. I took it up to 450 degrees F. for about an hour to burn out all the old grease. It still needs some minor repairs.

The smoker is the one with smoke coming out. The other little stove is to burn wood instead of gas to smoke, but isn’t hooked up yet. I’m also watering my mulberry tree.smoker


The fuse block job

One of the things I wanted to do today was change the fuse block on my old Toyota Land Cruiser. I got it off to this point but I didn’t get it done today as naps got in the way.fuseblock



I’m replacing the old glass fuse block with a new modern spade type as the old one kept getting bad connections as a lot of it is corroded from being so old.

Pole beans need to be picked

Just before dark I went out in the garden and picked these pole beans which I need to get cooked for dinner.beans


Checked on the chickens

I checked on my chickens. Here the oldest ones are settling in for the night. They are two months old today.chickens


Here’s a couple of the smaller ones about two weeks old. One is on top of the other getting warm for the night. Most of the other ones are inside the box where these guys will likely join them soon.peep


Working in the right direction

I didn’t get done with all the things I had planned to do today, but at least I did get some stuff done and some stuff ready to get done.

Nice day.

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Drying Fruit, Loosening Bolts, Van’s Brakes and a Big Pot of Vegetable Soup

Sunday August 12, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Need some fruit drying trays

I’ve been thinking I need to get something together to dry some plums and prunes.

I checked what I had and found I had one sheet of half inch plywood, but didn’t really want to use that as I would have to add some wooden strips around the sides to keep the fruit from falling off and I’d have to find a place to store it when not in use which would be most of the time. I’d also have to find some way to get it up off the ground to keep varmints from getting into it and eating the fruit.

Maybe some steel roofing sheets

I thought I might be able to use a piece of steel roofing so I went out to look at what I had. I had some long pieces but I didn’t really want to cut them shorter as they are too valuable long and I’d still have to get them up off the ground too.

A much better idea

While I was looking at the metal roof sheets I went by this old trailer made out of a truck bed and was thinking I could put some metal roof sheets in the back, but wait, why not just put the fruit on the floor of the bed and I wouldn’t need anything else and it was simpler and it is also up off the ground away form pesky animals.

The old trailer

Here’s the old trailer. It needs some cleaning up, mainly inside the bed.trailer


it also needed some blocks put under it to keep it from tilting when I got up in it. I found some blocks and stabilized it nicely.

Cleaned it up a bit

I then rounded up my broom and sweep this stuff out.dirtbed


And then I got the water hose out and hosed it off good. Clean enough for drying fruit.bed



I gave the chickens some fed and checked and filled their water. Then I gathered some weeds from the yard and gave them to them too. I also turned the water on for their grow pens to give them a little extra shot of water. Water comes on automatically every day, but an extra shot of water gives things a boost, especially on hot days.

Ripe fruit dries best

I picked a couple bowls of plums just before dark so I have a start on getting some fruit dried. I plan to pick all the plums off the one tree I like and then pick a bunch of French prunes as soon as they are ripe enough. They dry best when they are real ripe.

Toyota brake master cylinder

I also still need to replace the brake master cylinder on my Toyota Land Cruiser so I put some more oil on the rusty bolts I’ll have to remove to replace the master cylinder. That can soak for a bit.brakes


Working on the van’s brakes

Another project I had to do was remove the van’s back tires to check out the brake shoes dimensions as I needed to measure them to get the size for some new ones.

I jacked the van up and put some jack stands under it for safety. The air wrench makes it all pretty easy. Looks like I need the larger shoes. I plan to order them from the local auto shop in the next couple days or so.vanbrakes


Huge pot of vegetable soup

I collected a bunch of vegetables from the gardens and cut up potatoes, a big onion, some beans and tomatoes and carrots and cabbage and forgot the squash.

I put it all in a huge pot and filled it with water and boiled it for a couple hours until the broth was real tasty.

Yummy stuff

Yum is that good. I’m not really much of a vegetable eater as I like fruits better, but I need to eat more vegetables as I can get them corn less and they are good for me.

Putting them in a big pot and making broth makes them a lot more edible and I can eat a bunch more of them this way than any other way or I can use the broth to make something else which gives most anything else a lot of flavor. Yum again.

I ate two bowls of the stuff for dinner.

That was my day for a good one.

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