Loading Up the Old Van With the Final Stuff For Our Trip Tomorrow

Saturday October 1, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trip prep day

One of the first things I did today was grease the van. I jacked a wheel up to make it easier to turn line the fittings on the driveshaft. It’s a pretty easy job, but one does have to crawl under the van. I also checked the transmission oil and it was good to go.grease


The rest of the day I spent putting the final things in the van. I should of made a video in fast forward as I bet it would look hysterical, but I didn’t as I was too busy remembering things and finding them to get them loaded up. I think I got most of the stuff. That took a lot longer than I expected.van


Programing maps

Once I was pretty sure I had most of the stuff loaded up I spent some time programing my Garman unit. That took some time as we are planning to take some back roads we haven’t been on before. I got most of that done.

The plan

The plan is to leave at a reasonable time tomorrow and travel to Downieville CA. where we will look for a campsite near my uncle’s old mining claim. His claim was right smack in the middle of the gold nugget area, one of the richest spots when gold was first discovered in the area.

The next day we will travel a few hours northeast of there to a place called Last Chance Creek where we will camp for a bit.

We will continue on from there traveling mostly in the desert to some interesting places where cell phones don’t mostly work.

I will post when I get a chance, so it might be a few days or so before I can get to a place where I can post.

Stay tuned. This is supposed to be a three week trip.

Nice day.

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Enough Work On the Roads, Let’s Ride

Friday September 30, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Ride in the hills type day

Barry said he’s worked enough, let’s go for a ride today, so I agreed and we took off up into the hills.

Slight mishap, ouch

We rode around quite a bit and it was all going good, when we were taking a shortcut and we ran into another downed tree. I had to back up and when I tried to turn around on the hill, my bike fell over on me. It wasn’t a hard fall, but my leg was stuck under the bike. I worked a bit and got that out and Barry came over to help me get the bike back up.

A bit of blood

I made it back to the road and saw some blood on the back of my hand. I fell on some dried out tree branches and they got me a bit.bikes1


A bit of blood, I had to soak up in my hankie, oh well.cuthand2



We took off and rode all around the hills going over most every road and Barry says,  let’s see if we can get down this one. We made it and ended up on this paved road. Barry’s looking at his map to figure out just exactly where we were.road3


Resting spot

We were getting pretty tired out so we headed up the hill to our resting spot at the top of the hill, with this view south.view4


Barry used to be a surveyor so he’ s always looking at his maps.maping5


Oil puddles

We had a good rest there. When I went to get back on the bike I noticed some oil puddles below the bike. I checked the oil and it was plenty full. I couldn’t figure out where the oil came from but likely had something to do with my crash earlier. I’ll have to keep an eye on that for awhile to make sure nothing is broken. As it was, the leak oiled up my chain nicely.

Checking the bike’s oil level.oil6


More riding

Barry got all suited up and we were off for some more riding going over to another neighbor’s until we got tired out enough and headed on home.hilltop7


Barry took off for home and I had a good nap.

Van prep

I didn’t get as much van prep done today as I’d planned as I was tired out, but there’s not too much to do to get it done. I did get all my water jugs filled up and loaded up. I have one more day to get it all loaded up and ready to go.

Nice day.

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