Picking Up the New Fuel Pump, a Visit and Loading Up the Van

Wednesday September 15, 2021 Guerneville CA.

New fuel pump

I was off to Santa Rosa when I got it got it going to go to the auto parts store to pick up my new electric fuel pump that I ordered yesterday.

I drove down to Smother’s Auto Parts to see Cindy and pick it up which I did.

A visit

Then I drove the short distance to Marty’s house to visit a bit and discuss our trip route we’ll take tomorrow and some other stuff too about the trip.

We visited about an hour and I had to go home to do some more van loading.

Leaky radiator

When I got home I noticed my car had a wet spot on it’s front bumper that I’d seen the other day but today it was a lot wetter. Hummm, what can that be. I removed the plastic grill in front of the radiator to have a look.car


Water jet

Looking carefully I could see a little jet of water squiring out of the hole.spray


I’ll need to repair that when I get back home after our trip is over.

Too much food

I spent the rest of the day loading things in the van. I figured I had way too much food so I removed a lot of the older canned stuff I had stored in the van and some of it was getting a bit old.

Spuds and onions

My brother Tom brought some onions and potatoes from his garden by so I loaded that stuff too.


I puttered loading stuff the rest of the day and got most stuff all loaded up except for the last things that are in the fridge which get loaded just before I take off.

We’ll be off tomorrow

I plan to leave in the morning headed to Marty’s house where we will take off on our trip headed to Troy Oregon through Winnemucca Nevada. We plan to take two days to drive on up there.

Internet access

I should have some internet access if Marty still has his Jet Pack or else I’ll have to use the libraries and schools on the trip to post.

Hang tight and you will hear from me.

Nice day.

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Cheese Factory and a Fuel Pump and Getting Ready to Go On a Trip

Tuesday September 14, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Cheese Factory

I needed to go find a fuel pump for my van today so it was a good time to stop at the Cheese Factory on the way.

So I turned down their driveway avoiding the chickens and ducks.farm


And by some of their cows.cows


And parked here and said hi to a couple old guys in the barn.car


And I went in the shop door and hollered but no one answered but in a short time someone came in the back door, likely from their house and heard me come in the driveway.shop


Cheese Factory

Heather, the niece gave me a small sample taste of cheese and cut my cheese into one pound pieces and wrapped them up individually for my trip. The place is called the Cheese Factory in Santa Rosa CA. if you want some of their very tasty cheese. It’s pretty good cold, but let it warm up a bit and it seems to disappear fast and it melts very nicely for cooking. It’s 8 bucks a pound and well worth it.heather



From there I drove on over to the Smother’s Auto Parts store to hopefully get a spare electric fuel pump for the van, just in case.

This is the first time Cindy didn’t have a part I needed but could order it up for tomorrow so I opted for that. Cindy is an excellent parts person and always a pleasure to do business with.

Oh, I forgot to tell you I cut into one of my cheeses before I left the farm and was sampling it off the car front seat. Hummm good. :O)


Costco was just across the street from the parts store so I headed on over there next to get some stuff for the trip.

And then it was the drive back to Guerneville and home for a nap.

Loading up

Eventually I started loading stuff in  the van starting with the water. I carry 13 gallons of spring water and will refill at another spring where I’m going on this trip.water


I spent the rest of the day loading clothes and stuff and that was it today.

Nice day.

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