Butcher Day, Broody Hen Dealings and a Blue Berry Pie

Tuesday May 21, 2019 Guerneville CA.

The deed needs done

Another puttering around day but I did have a deed to do.

I selected two chickens to be butchered later today, the two in the cage on the right. Selecting chickens for this is going to be a challenge. Maybe I need to give them numbers and have a draw?dinner


Deed done

I took care of that deed later in the afternoon.

Surprise poppy

On my way to see if there were any more raspberries ripe I noticed this flower which I think is a poppy and don’t think I planted it nor have I ever planted any of these around here but here it is. Nice.bloom


Just a nibble so far

At the raspberry patch there were a few ripe berries but they need more sun which they should get soon.berries


Broody hen

Red Bandit is still sitting on eggs. She had 14 today when I checked. I marked them all this time so I know what was there at the start and can remove any that might be added later by another hen.

Here she is on the eggs.hen


Private nests

Tonight shortly after dark I will move her eggs and her to this plastic box and lock her in the pen to keep the other hens away from the nest. The other hen with three chicks is using the wooden box.nests


I will move this feed tray in with the broody hens so they’ll have something to eat and the little peeps can still get in there and eat too.peeps


Hen instincts

All the little peeps have moved in with the first momma hen with three little ones for the night so she has finally accepted them all and will take care of them.

Blue berry pie

This is a blue berry pie all mine.pie


Dominique gave it to me for helping out. With my corn thing I  have a no eat time which is the rest of the day but tomorrow morning I’m going to dive into that pie. Hummmmm good.

Nice day.

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Making a Nest Box For Another Broody Hen

Monday May 20, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Messing with the chickens

I took some table scraps out to the chickens this morning and dumped them in this area and they sure like that kind of stuff.chickens


Peeps feed box

I went by the chicks feed box and removed the wooden lid I put on it at night to keep the rodents out. Here’s a few of the little guys feeding.peeps


Another broody hen

When I went by the hen’s laying nest area this hen squawked at me with the broody hen call that I’ve learned they make. That means they want to nest and hatch out some eggs and just sit on the nest most of the time.redbandit


Gave her some eggs

In the afternoon she had two eggs under her so I gave her some more to make twelve. Might as well help her along.

Needing a nesting box

But now she will need a nesting box of her own but the one I have is still in use by the last broody hen so I needed something else.

I found this old plastic box I had which now needed a door in it.

I got out my drill and saw and cut a door out on the end of it, leaving a flap so I could close the door if I wanted to, such as for transport.boxcut


Forest color

The box was blue a sky color so I painted it green so it’d be a forest color and set it aside to dry.

Once dry I brought the box in and set it up in the nursery pen I guess it would be called.

Nest box ready for the broody hen

The last broody hen is checking the new nesting box out. She already has the one to the left of the new green box she is standing on.nestbox


Switching nests

My plan is to let the new broody hen sit on the eggs where she is and move her to the new box tomorrow night after dark. I’ll be sure and mark the eggs this time so I know which ones she starts with so things don’t get confusing this time if another chicken gets in her box and lays any eggs. Only the eggs she starts with will hatch on time so we don’t need any late starters.

Other than that I puttered around the yard and chair hopped. With the recent rains I didn’t have to water anything and it turned out to be a mostly lazy day.

Nice day.

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