Working On Marty’s Computers All Day

Tuesday September 25, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Marty’s computer troubles

Marty was coming by today to work on his two mini computers as he’s having some problems with them. His new red one is having email problems and the old one is just having problems.

An old reputation

He has this old reputation of crashing computers that goes way back. Originally if he touched a computer it would crash so he’s used to this kind of stuff.

Here’s Marty working on his new mini computer trying to set up email.DSC00169


Well that took all of the day and here we sat working on things and trying to get things fixed up.

Progress finally

Late in the afternoon we finally got the email to work on the new machine, at least to his satisfaction. And we were beat from all the trying.

Wore me out

Marty took off for home just before 5 and I was beat and went in the house and got something to eat and then a good nap and that was it for me today.

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Nest Boxes and Peeps Roost Construction and Filling the Feed Bag With the Weed Mower

Monday September 24, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Continuing with the chicken nest construction

Once I got it going this morning I went outside to a nice day. I shooed the chickens out of their pen and got my tools together to work on the nesting boxes and storage cabinets.

Mostly finished

Here’s the mostly finished product. I need to get some hinges for the cabinet doors and that’s about it. Maybe some paint to make it friendlier to smooth things off.cabinet


Nest boxes closed

Did you note the nest perches above? I put them on hinges so they can be closed if I need to keep the chickens out of them for some reason. An idea I got off YouTube from someone.

Nest boxes closed.perchup


Nest boxes open.perch


I would have finished that project off if I had some more hinges, but at least I have most of it done.

Roost for little chicks

After a break I cut some redwood limbs up to make this little roost for the smaller chickens to see if they will get off the ground at night as chickens should. I used screws to put it all together, nothing fancy.roost


The sunflowers are still blooming away in the grow pen.sunflowers


Putting on the feed bag

I remembered I wanted to mow some grass at my neighbors for the chicks so I fired my weed mower up and put on the feed bag.

Here’s the second of the two bags I filled or the mower filled. It’s green grass and seed from weeds I mowed. One bag for the larger chickens and one bag for the smaller chicks.mower


Chickens seem to like it

Here’s what the larger chickens think of it.chickens


And the smaller chicks like it too.chicks


Little chicks roost

Just before dark the chickens go to roost for the night. I was surprised to see the chicks already up on the new roost checking it out. chickroost


Next project more grow panels

I was happy to get the nesting box project mostly complete as that was a big one that needed done. My next project for the chickens is to construct some more grow panels to grow stuff for the chickens as the one I have looks successful. The only thing I will do different on the newer grow panels is to make them smaller for more control and easier to deal with. Instead of one big one, I’ll make two smaller ones.

That’s it for another nice day working in the chicken pen. :O)

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