Rodent Trap Modifications, Roof Repairs, Picking Vegetables and Making Soup

Thursday September 20, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Dragging butt

I was up late last night so I got a late start today and was dragging my butt a bit. :O)

Rodent trap modifications

I made some modifications on my mouse, rat trap. I replaced the wooden ramps up to the bucket with some plastic pipe as I feel the wood had places for them to cling to as it entered the bucket but the plastic pipe doesn’t. I also replaced the wooden part that turned when they got on it to plastic for the same reason to make it slipperier. I will still use one of the wooden ramps to get up to that short pipe and the longer pipe can be set on something. If this works I might get longer pipes later but that’s all I have on hand for now.trap


Working on getting some cams up in the attic

I set the trap back up in the attic. I plan to put a web cam up in the attic hooked to my computer so I can watch things and it will record on motion so I can watch how and if this works out.

Working on another design

I also made some plans to make another one similar, but works different which I will construct once I round up enough stuff to make it.

Garage roof repair

My old garage’s roof has a piece of metal that’s been flapping when the wind blows hard so today I got up there and put some new screws in that piece of metal. That makes it ready for winter.roof


Gathering vegetables for soup

I finished off my big pot of vegetable soup for lunch so I gathered some more vegetables to make another pot tonight.

Here;s some big beef steak tomatoes that I’m going to pick for the soup.tomatoes


I also picked a couple of zucchinis and cucumbers for that soup.   vegees


Need go get broccoli

Which reminds me I need to go over to my brother’s garden and get some broccoli before it gets too dark, so off I go now.

Cut up vegetables and made soup

I got some and returned and cut up the vegetables and loaded the big pot up with them for soup and it’s on now. In two hours I’ll have a nice pot of soup.

Forgot barley again

Forgot to get some barley for it again, can’t seem to remember that when I’m at the store, but the soup doesn’t really need any as it’s good the way it is.

Rodent trap

Here’s my rodent trap up in the attic before I modified it.rodents


I haven’t caught any yet, but I will. :O)

That was my day.

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Unloading boards, Planting Seed, a Computer Scam and Dried Prunes

Wednesday September 19, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Setting up the nesting box project

Once I got it going this morning I went out and unloaded the boards from the top of the van.wood


It took longer than I expected. By the time I got the boards off and all the ropes and wires put away I was beat.

My little sun flowers are blooming away. They are for seed for the chickens. This variety is an oil variety that makes small black seeds. My lumber is in place to cut boards for the chickens nesting


Planting alfalfa and clover

Next I raked this part of the garden out and planted alfalfa and some kind of clover seeds. I raked over it after I planted the seeds and sorta walked on it to pack it down a bit. Then I turned on the water for a bit.plot


I’ll have to keep the chickens out of there until things get big enough that they can’t just wipe them out real quick.

Rounding up tools and materials

I spent some time finding all the tools I’d need to make the chicken nest box and I figured out what length boards I’d need to make the frame to get started, and after that I needed a break.

All tired out

I was getting hungry so I had a big bowl of vegetable soup and that did me in. I was so tire I napped for most of the afternoon.

Fixing Tom’s computer scam

In the evening I was just about to go back outside when my brother Tom comes by and says his computer has a screen on it he can’t get rid of and it says to call them to fix it. We knew that was a scam.

I told him to turn off the computer and he said he couldn’t so I said just pull the plug.

Anyway I went over there and changed settings so the computer would turn off when the button was pushed instead of going to sleep. Once I restarted the computer the bad screen was gone. I fixed a couple other things he was having trouble with like it would go to the lock screen after only one minute and he’d have to enter his pin again which was a real nuisance. That turned out to be the screen saver was set to turn on after one minute. Duh.

Anyway it’s fixed.

Drying prunes

I’ve been drying some prunes in this old truck bed trailer and they are almost dry enough now. I’ve had to cover them up at night to keep the dew off them and the night critters too.prunes


That was my day.

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