A Fun and Good for Me Dirt Bike Ride With Barry

Saturday December 14, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike day

Once I got it going today I noticed there were no showers for now. I went out and did the chicken stuff and came back in the house and had my big meal of the day. I eat most of my stuff early in the day so when the corned stuff gets me it’s more in the day and I have a better chance of getting some sleep at night.

Barry shows up

Just as I was finishing up I noticed my brother Barry’s truck parked out front so I went out to see what he was up to. He had his dirt bike unloaded and I was thinking of going for a ride today so I joined him with my brother Mike’s bike that could use a good battery change which means a good ride.

Up into the hills we ride

We took off across the road and up into the hills and stopped here at the Guerneville view point for a bit. That’s water haze you see out there from the recent rains.ridgetop


And that’s the little town of Guerneville which is by the Russian River.guerneville


Top of the World

From there we rode here and there around in some circles and we stopped at this spot which is called the Top of the World.worldtop


Here’s the view of the world from there looking southwest I’d say. The ocean would be over to the right  just over these hills.world


Back to the top

We rode around some more, the bikes cover a lot of road fairly fast with lots of ups and downs which really gives one a good ride. We rode for a bit over an hour which seemed like all day and ended back here at the top of the world. Barry’s getting his gloves on and we are about to depart back to my house after one more short ride.top2


No wild mushrooms

We went up this road so Barry could check for wild mushrooms as this is a good spot, but he didn’t find any, too early yet I think. Mounting up and taking off.bikestop


Armstrong Valley Garden

On the way back Barry wanted to go on some even steeper stuff so he left to do it and I stopped at my other brother Tom’s garden to see what there  might be to eat.garden


This is mostly garlic and maybe some onions too.garlic


The carrot patch looked like he’d been harvesting in it so I dug one up, this one.  I found a faucet and washed it off. Sweet and crunchy, just right.carrot


From there I headed for home across the road and put the bike away.

Good for me

That was a good way to spend most of the day. Riding a dirt bike in the hills really limbers up an old body which must be good for me, eh.


Later in the day I was walking through the dormant raspberry patch where I let the chickens graze and they all came up to me thinking I might have something for them which I didn’t.chickens


Just before dark we got a couple of light rain showers and then the day was over.

Nice day getting some exercise and having some fun too.

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Raining, Shower Valve Fixed and Happy Chickens

Friday December 13, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Light rains

It was raining lightly this morning as I woke so no need to get it going too soon.

But eventually it was time to get it going so I did. Out to let the chickens out and feed them and then back in the house to stay dry.

Working on the shower valve

I needed to put some new seals in my shower valve as it’s leaking a bit so I started getting the tools and seals together to do the job. I didn’t have much to do today so I took  my time at this and had another cup of coffee before I got the job started which is a good thing as I always think of more stuff I need for the job.


The thing about working on shower valves is there is no shutoff at the valve so the house valve gets shut off which means if the job goes bad and the old valve gets messed up the whole house won’t have any water until the problem with the valve gets fixed, the worse case is when the valve has to be replaced so I needed to be careful.

Grease is the ticket

I finally got to taking the valve apart and it came apart easy and was a bit greasy. That was actually good as it meant I put a coat of grease on the parts the last time I was in there so nothing was stuck and nothing got broke getting things apart. The new seals were installed in about 5 minutes and I got it all back together for the test.

I turned the house water back on and checked out the valve. It seemed to work and not leak so all was good.

Dirty shower

But now I could see the shower sure needed a good cleaning so I worked on that a bit. More needs to be done on that but good enough for now.

Fixing potatoes for the chickens

I put on a pot of old potatoes that were going bad for my tastes in the instant pot and cooked them up for the chickens. Chickens don’t like raw potatoes but they sure like them cooked. I gave them half of them and saved the rest for tomorrow. They sure gobbled them up.

Computing and naps

It was still raining lightly in the afternoon so I spent most of it inside doing some posting on the Corn Avoidance List I belong to with a nap here and there too and before I knew it, it was time to go out and shut the chickens up for then night.

Nice easy day.

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