Pulling My Hair Out Working On the Computer All Day

Monday March 1 2021 Guerneville CA.

Computer day

I’ve been having some computer problems causing my computer to run real slow sometimes.

Well, last night I started a computer reset that was supposed to keep all my stuff, but.


This morning when I had a look a lot of stuff was gone and it installed a newer version of windows ten. The worse part is it installed a new mail program and dumped my old one with all the stuff I had in it.

It dumped some other programs I use too.

Trying to fix things

So today I spent trying to sort it all out and fix what I could, which wasn’t so easy.

My email program was the most important and I did finally find the old Microsoft program on the web after much work trying to find the old stuff, such as old emails and contacts.

In the end I lost all of my contacts and emails. So nothing like starting out new.

The new email program they thought I should use, called Microsoft mail I didn’t like at all but at least it worked but it didn’t have any of my old email stuff in it.

I also had to find and load my Windows live writer which I did. That’s when I also found a download for my old email program which I also installed as I liked that one much better than their new one.

Trying to figure out all the passwords for things was a real bitch as they dumped all the stored stuff on passwords too.

So it’s after dark now and I’m still working on getting things right.

So I can’t say it was a good day. :O)

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A Putter Day As I Was Worn Out

Sunday February 28,2021 Guerneville CA.

Putter day

I was really beat when I got up today, likely because I’m on a ten day fast and into my fourth day. I think the real reason is I worked too hard on day one and day two of my fast which was a bit much.

Slow day

So I knew it was going to be a slow day puttering around in the yard with some naps.

Finishing off the raspberry patch

The first thing I wanted to do was haul a couple more loads of mulch into the raspberry patch to finish it off.

It turned out to be quite a task as tired out as I was. I’d work a little and then sit in a chair for a bit and then do a little more until I got it done.

The raspberry patch is all mulched now and ready to have some fertilizer applied soon.mulch


The plan

My plan is to fertilize the raspberry patch to get some into the piles of chips and not let the chickens in to spread out the piles until after the raspberry vines grow out some as chickens don’t eat raspberry plants and lots of new vines are just starting to come up.


After a good nap I went out and loaded up my liquid fertilizer stuff and turned the water on my blueberry and strawberry patch.watering


Fruit trees blooming

Lots of plum trees are blooming right now.daffs


Grazing chickens

The chickens were let out around four to graze in the front yard.birds


Sun down

And I was doing some chair hopping taking it easy when the sun went behind the hills to the west.sundown


A restful sunny day.

Nice day.

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