Raining So It Was a Shopping Day For Me and Night Critter Pics

Tuesday January 15, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Critters in the chicken pen

Here’s some of the critters that visited my chicken pen during the night, last night.

This is a big ol rat that has been trying to dig it’s way in. I keep sticking rocks in it’s holes. Since I buried wire around the fence it has been having a hard time finding a spot to get in.rat1


Mice go where they want

The mice are smaller and can get through some of the fence wire so they go pretty much where they want.mice2


There’s two mice in this photo, one in the feeder on the left and one on the stump above center.mice3


The mice and the rat too can climb on the wire fence without too much trouble. I watched this mouse checking things out. They seem to be able to detect the IR light the camera is using at night so they are cautious.mice4


Figuring out the software

I’m still working on figuring the cams software out and working on figuring out how to get the motion detection to work which I  haven’t been successful at yet.

Here’s a color photo of the chickens in the pen this morning just before I fed them.chickens5


This morning it was raining so I decided to head to the shopping area to get some longer network cables so I could move the cam into a better spot in the chicken pen.

What I need is not available

I also wanted to check on faster modem routers as the one I have is getting old and isn’t as fast as the newer stuff. But they don’t seem to be making many of the type I need anymore so that was a bust and I’ll have to get one from Amazon if I want one. I put that on hold right now. I was able to get a longer networking cable and some longer extension wire to power the unit.

And of course I did some shopping at Costco as the computer stores were close by.

Raining hard

It was raining hard as I drove on home for the day.

I put the groceries away and went out and installed the longer cables and moved the cam to a better spot and let the chickens out in the rain to graze.

Neighbors cat staying with me

My neighbor’s cat has been staying with me for a week or so and she wanted a pic of her missed cat. This was the best I could do before she took off outside to do whatever cats do. She’s been a good kitty and we get along fine.cat


Work around

Even though I didn’t get the new modem router I did learn some things about them so I’ll figure out a way to get things to go faster with what I have as I have a couple of fast routers around that I can hook to my modem to speed up the wireless. I’ll get to that eventually.

It was a good day to do the shopping as it was a rained out type of day and if I stayed at home I would of ended up vacuuming the house and that would of made my back sore. :O)

That was it for  me today.

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Reolink PTZ Wireless Cam C2-Pro Setup In the Chicken pen

Monday January 14, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Checked out the new cam

I checked out the new PTZ wireless cam last night and it worked real well so I needed to get it mounted today. I plan to mount it in the chickens pen to watch them and whatever critters come around during the night.

I bought this cam from Amazon.


Here’s the cam’s web page. It’s the C2 Pro cam.


Finally a good PTZ wireless camera

The cam just came out. I’ve been waiting years for a much better less costly PTZ cam to come out with better Wi-Fi and I think this does just that.

Old stuff

I’ve used some of the older stuff in the past, but they were costly and hard to set up and crashed a lot so a real pain.

5ghz coming on strong

The wireless is dual speed and has the newer 5g which will soon be the rage of the world cause it will  make Wi-Fi very much better than it’s been so far. Better speed and better coverage.

The image is very good even at night. I highly recommend this one.

Great software too

Oh and the software that comes with it is also very good. I paid about 65 dollars for the camera but I see they’ve upped the price to 99 dollars now. Totally worth it. I should of got three of them. :O)

Getting the cam mounted

`Anyway I needed to get the cam mounted in the chicken’s pen. It’s not water proof so I needed to take precautions.

The mount

I constructed this camera mount with the little mount that came with the cam. This should keep any water from coming down on the cam and it has wires to mount it to the top of the chicken pen roof.fixture


I didn’t have long enough wires for it, but I wanted to get it up and running.

It’s up and working

Here it is mounted over the chickens nesting box area.cam


Here’s where I hooked it up to power which is temporary for now. It’s powered by a USB power pack and so is the Wi-Fi extender.power


The Wi-Fi extender is working well

Because the cam is in a wire cage the Wi-Fi signals can’t get in or out of the wire cage so I had to do something to remedy that problem. I’ve had this Wi-Fi extender for awhile so now I could use it. It brings the wireless out of the cage. Basically the wireless on the camera is turned off and this unit is plugged into it’s network wired port which brings the signal out to  here. I used a plastic shield to keep any possible water off it and also not interfere with any of he Wi-Fi signal. I was careful not to use anything metal in the mount. I used an old shoe string to hold it up.wifi


Here’s the camera in operation.camera


Just barely made it

My old router is not 5g but I was just able to get a signal way out here from the house’s wireless router.

This works but it would be better if I had one of the newer 5g wireless routers to do the job as the signal would be stronger and handle more data faster so I plan to get a new router soon with the 5g.

5gHz Wi-Fi is coming out

Just for your information. 5g Wi-Fi is coming on fast and soon the whole world will be covered with it. I read somewhere not long ago that they have a lot of 5g satellites ready to be launched. I can’t remember how many but it was a bunch of them like maybe 40,000 or was it 4,000 of them that will cover the earth. Either way it’s a lot. This will certainly change Wi-Fi for everyone drastically. Everything will be covered  and the speed will be much much higher. It will be a world changer when it gets done.

Chicken pen camera view

Anyway here’s a shot of what the camera sees over the nesting boxes. I can also move the cam around from my computer in the house and also set it to record when there is any motion in the picture. Now I’ll know whose laying eggs and who isn’t.nests


It does night time well too

Anther shot of the chicken’s pen. Color in the day an black and white at night.pen


Here’s a night black and white. This cam is very good as far as picture quality and also ease of use.roost


This and that

Besides working on getting the cam set up I also did some puttering around the yard today doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

It tried to drizzle some but just never really did that much. but it was one of those days.

So now I need to go to town and get some longer network cables and maybe that newer 5g wireless modem/router for my computer hookup.

That was my day.

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