Spring Hook Up, Water Check and Peep Checks

Tuesday June 2, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Spring work

Once I got it going today I got the pipe parts I bought yesterday and some tools and loaded them in my Toyota to take up into the hills to  help my neighbor hook up his spring.

Hooking it up

We worked on hooking that up for about two hours, not really working that hard. I showed him how to measure how much water he was getting and we measured it. There was 2 gallons a minute which was good. He thanked me for helping him out and I headed for home.

Checking our water supply

I stopped at our water tanks to see if they were mostly full and they were.tanks


I walked up the little trail on the right to do a water check on how much water our springs are putting out.trail


I have some valves up there so I can divert the water coming down the hill from our springs into a gallon paint can to measure the flow.pipes


8640 gallons a day

I used a gallon paint can to measure the flow which was 6 gallons a minute which was good. That’s about 8640 gallons of water a day coming into our tanks.valves


It’s real  lush around our water tanks as I walked on down the trail.tanks2


Back home I needed a break and a nap.

Peep check

After getting something to eat I went out to check on the new chicks to see how they were doing. I’ve given them the run of the chicken pens and they rip around like little speed demons. They seemed to be doing well and enjoying themselves.chicks


As always I spent a good deal of the day chair hopping around the yard sampling berries and plums. I have more than I can eat right now and a lot of the fruit the chickens will get.

Towards evening the big chickens know it’s time to get out into another pen so they wait here making a lot of noise until I open the gate.chickens


Another peep check

Just before dark I checked on the peeps again. Here’s a hen with her older chicks up in the roost.roost


When I checked on the ten newest chicks to see if they were in their box they weren’t. They should be in their box on the right. After dark I’ll move them into that box if they haven’t figured it out yet.peeps


They are likely ok just about anywhere they want to spend the night but it’d be warmer in the box.

Nice day.

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Spring Work and Tending Chicks

Monday June 1, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Chickens doing well

First thing I did was check on the chickens and all the little peeps to make sure they had feed and water and were doing well.

After that I did some chair hopping and put some sprinklers on some weeds for the chickens to eat.

A little spring work

My neighbor said he’d meet me up at his spring we’ve been working on around 1 so I hopped on the dirt bike and met him there.

We dug up the old pipes to expose them so we could see what was going on and got things pretty well dug out ready to get some new pipe on things to collect the water.

I’m headed to the dentist tomorrow so volunteered to get some pipe to do the job while I’m in the shopping area.

Good thing we didn’t have much to do as we were both still pretty beat from all the digging we did a few days ago.

These two pipes are in two springs that need to be hooked together and piped to his water tank.springs


Nice spring

We checked the water flow from the spring and it was around 3 gallons a minute. Not bad for springs in this area. The water was coming out cold and sweet, a very nice spring.water


Nibbling stuff

That only took about a couple of hours and I was home chair hopping again enjoying the day. I also spent some time sampling plums as some of them are starting to get ripe. And my raspberry vines are starting to produce so I go around the yard eating a lot of those.

Wrong box again

I checked on the new peeps to see if they were in the wrong box again and they were.

They are in the rodent proof feed box that gets it’s lid shut at night so it’s not the place for these little guys especially when they have a nesting box of their own.

I got a cardboard box and lifted each one into it and took them over to the right box and put them in for the night.

Here they are in the wrong box.peeps


I think I need to shut that box early to keep them out of it just before night time so maybe they’ll go into their box instead.

It was  a nice evening so I spent some more time chair hopping around the yard until it started to get dark.

Nice day.

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