Chickens, Mulberries, Water Tanks, Dirt Bike Ride and Yuck Apples

Tuesday August 4, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Checking peeps

First thing I did was feed the chickens and check to see how the new peeps were doing. The momma hen was out of her box with some of the chicks.peep


Dust bath

Momma hen taking a dust bath. Note the little guy on the left is getting out of the way with all the dirt flying.dustbath


Pulled weeds

I’d been looking at these weeds growing here. Wild radish. I pulled a bunch of them out and fed they to the chickens.weeds


I always wonder around the yard to see what’s getting ripe and sample what I can.


I climbed up in the mulberry tree as I could see quite a few ripe berries. I ate quite a few of them. Yummy. They are about an inch long.mulberries


I chair hopped and puttered around the yard for most of the day not doing much of anything.

Lots of water

In the evening I jumped on the dirt bike and rode up to check the water level of our water tanks fed by mountain springs.

The pink ribbon gauge shows they were only three feet down from the top which was good as I wanted to water a couple of trees which takes a deep watering which means more water.gauge


Taking the loop home

As long as I was on the dirt bike I rode on home taking the loop around the long way up this road.road


Over the hill apples

While walking around the yard I noticed this apple tree had some real red apples so I sampled one. Yuck. They were over the hill, over ripe which I call, like saw dust. I fed a few to the chickens, with those guys around nothing goes to waste around here.apples


The evening was real nice so chair hopping is what I did until it got dark.

Nice day.

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Egg Shells, Bees and Planting Stuff For the Chickens

Monday August 3, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Egg shells

I’ve been saving all the egg shells from the eggs I eat since I’ve had the chickens. I had a bucket almost full of egg shells.eggshells


I needed to break up the shells some more so I put them in these empty feed bags which I was thinking of running over with my car. I tried stooping them and that seemed to do the job.chrushed


For the chickens

I put some of them in this dispenser for the chickens to eat to help make new eggs.dispenser


New peeps

While I was taking a break in the chicken pen I noticed this  momma hen had some new chicks peeping out of her nest box.nesting


She’s two days early and still has several eggs to hatch out yet.peeps


Feed chores

I cleaned out and filled up all the chicken feeders and the water supplies too.

This is  my feed shed.feedroom


Grow screen

This is a grow screen that protects the new plants from the chickens which I planted about a week ago and is now pushing up lots of little green plants.growscreen


Grow pen

This is another pen I use to grow stuff for the chickens. I need to dig a section of this pen up to plant it.digkuppen


Digging up

I dug up the part I wanted and had some  help.chickens



Then I hauled two wheelbarrows of woodchips in and dumped them. I’ll let the chickens spread the mulch out and scratch this all up. Tonight just before dark I’ll plant some seed in here.chips



When I rolled the wheelbarrow of woodchips by here some bees buzzed me menacingly so I thought I better check it out and do something about them.beenest


This turned out to be yellow jackets. I turned the hose on them a couple times and I think I got them, I hope.jackets


Grapes ripening

I ate a few of these grapes that are starting to get ripe. That’s one big bunch there.grapes



Just before dark I smoothed out the pen I was digging in as the chickens had it pretty nice already. I put some seed in and raked it a bit. I’ll keep the chickens out of here until things are growing good.planted


It was an exceptional evening so I spent it chair hopping and enjoying the yard until it got dark.

Nice day.

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